Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crushing Sticks and So Much MORE

I really respect the convictions of others...well, when they aren't based in legalism. I'm willing to let God's direction in someone's life be as valid as His move in mine...even if we don't agree. (Pretty much. I'm only a little strong-willed. Haha.) And, where possible, I want to do my best to not cause them to stumble.

One of the things God has been releasing me into more is my role in Christianity as a woman. An equal opportunity woman. ;) For the most part, my experience has been totally awesome!! Many of the men in my life aren't somehow more insecure because of how God has made women, and in fact, one of the ways they express their masculine strength is in paving the way for women to "become". I've had some seriously awesome investment!!!

Occasionally, though, I have the odd experience with a legalist. Usually I can just shake it off, but gets under my skin.

Enter...God. :)

I was driving out of my driveway the other day, heading to a "women in ministry" scenario. While I was headed to the end of my road, two little girls came running out and placed some items in the road where my car would go. They then ran back to the side of the road and waited with excitement. I slowed down a ways back and asked if they wanted me to run over something for them. Well...apparently, yes...because they began squealing and jumping up and down. So, there I was, crushing their little sticks and whatever else they put there. I drove off watching them come out to see the delighted damage.

As I pulled up to the stop sign, I heard the Holy Spirit say, "See? THIS is what we are doing! Crushing what's ahead of them so they can be more released some day!"

Yep...I was blessed and totally speechless. :)

So, now? You know it! I'm stepping more fully into whatever adventure He puts before me. Less hesitation. More courage! Living out loud, baby! For God, for me and for them!!! It's what He has for us all! Awesome!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My First Wedding!!

Yep! It's true! I officiated my first wedding. It was a great experience for this girl! At first I was hesitant because I'm not a pastor and...well, I'm a girl. But, man, was it a great challenge for me to explore! God really used it in my life to broaden my vision and fall more in love with His heart!! AND...The couple was amazing!!! Their love is so special.

If I could roll my eyes more...

Oh my word! I deal with teenagers all day long, so I'm familiar with immaturity, over-reactions, and all of the other "fun" stuff associated with their kind. I actually have a measure of patience for it because I know they are growing. It's adults that can put me over the edge!!!!! Seriously! What's with adults who have the coping skills of a hormonal teen? What's with the grand tantrums and over-reactions to life's challenges? What's with the constant DRAMA???

...Ya, I'll deal with it for a time, but then...NOPE! Time to put on the big girl panties and grow up!!!

Sigh. Venting done. ;)

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Croods...and the church

I saw this movie with my nieces the other day. So cute. As we were enjoying it, I kept having this odd feeling that the story was symbolic of...the church!!!! Hahaha! Yep, it reminds me of the struggle of some to do more than "survive"...but to grow and expand into more of His heart for kingdom living. I might just be Epe. ;) Check it might be surprised. :)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Single and In The Church

Ok...I have to post this. A friend sent it to me and felt she could really relate. I'm not necessarily agreeing with everything in the article, but the notion that the church is a bit family/marriage biased...well, I really see it. Unintentionally sad.

Single And In The Church