Friday, February 26, 2010

Feminists for Life Bumper Stickers

The last step in making my car my own...:)...was getting a new 'Feminists for Life' bumper sticker. Many probably know that I'm a card-carrying member of this organization. They seek to reach the 75% of women who consider abortion because of fear of lack of resources and support. A solvable situation through the love and support of community and restoration of respect for women in all circumstances of life. What they don't do is shove 'religion' at these women. As such, they are able to offer a message of value in places where faith is unacceptable or unwelcome. Well, they sent me 6 extra stickers, so if anyone is interested in having one, just let me know.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BUDs Again!

it was another night with dawn and her K-5 little ladies...BUDs!! as always, dawn in amazing. aside from some personal struggles, i thought the night went really well. we had to "wing it" a bit because of crazy-busyness, but those little ladies are amazing! i love, love, love how open they are to learn and believe. in's not little ones who ever have trouble seeing's growing old that is the problem. :)

Dagger in Heart

i actually went into it kind of hoping for a smile or conversation. i probably shouldn't have, but i just did. well...that's not what happened at all. nope. the complete opposite. i got the "see, cringe, leave". that was...crushing.

and i suppose that my mind should have stepped in and done all the lectures about such things, but i guess the part of me that does the "missing" had the microphone...putting my own hand on the dagger.

you can imagine all the "shoulda's" and "coulda's" flying through my head.

oh well...such is another chapter in my life.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Car

i strangely develop an attachment to possessions...and my cars are like people to me. ya, it's weird...but it's just that cars are apart of life. if i go on an adventure...i usually go in my car. if i need to think...i usually drive. so, when i had to get a my new car, i had to take the chance to say 'goodbye' to my good old navy car. my dad understands that i have this "condidtion" so he kindly helps me part ways. (he's cool like that.)

but this weekend...i officially made my new car into MY car. :) i put all my special "car survival" items in place. i put my magic rock in there (a super cool foliated rock that my dad found when we built the nature center years ago, which i've kept for all these years...). and yesterday, i took her on "the triangle" (the track i drive when i need to think).'s official.

and i believe we may be a match. ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

On Romance

Where are the romantic hetero's?? A friend posted this Shakespeare on my FB on Valentine's Day and completely had me stunned. He prefers the same gender I do, and we're just friends anyway. So, no connection there, but it raised the question...are there any romantic heterosexual men still out there? I know they exist because my father is a major romantic. I have other uncles and know other "olders" that are as well. But...???? it dead in this generation of heterosexuals? Hmm...I need to investigate!

Who is it that says most? which can say more
Than this rich praise, that you alone are you?
In whose confine immured is the store
Which should example where your equal grew?
Lean penury within that pen doth dwell
That to his subject lends not some small glory;
But he that writes of you, if he can tell
That you are you, so dignifies his story.
Let him but copy what in you is writ,
Not making worse what nature made so clear,
And such a counterpart shall fame his wit,
Making his style admired everywhere.
You to your beauteous blessings add a curse,
Being fond on praise, which makes your praises worse.


Ya....that's pretty amazing! :) Oh...and if you need a translation, let me know! It's like a "there's only one 'you', and if anyone tried to copy you, it'd be a tragedy" sort of deal. Whoo!

And He Walked Away!

one of the great tragedies of my job is having to watch the occasional student lose in life. it's certainly not something that many of us are unfamiliar with...gosh, we all have our stories of those tough things. it's just hard to actually see the potential pitfalls and not be able to help them see those or steer them around it. the part that angers me more, though, is watching the "friends" help in the straying. often for reasons of their own "lostness", they hold doors wide open for each other that lead to more heart-break. of mine walked away from those friends the other day because he has started walking home.

i couldn't be more proud.

My Heroic Dad

i've been watching my dad do something heroic lately. well...and to be honest he's done this more times than i can remember, but in the face of my lack of ability to be like him in this matter, his character shines so brightly today.

people are renting the church today...and the lake...for a "polar plunge". several ministries join up this time of year to hold a fundraiser that involves the opportunity to jump in the lake through a hole in the ice. minnesotans get a little crazy in the winter and think that things like this are a "good idea". i think the cold impacts the brain slightly.

anyway, there's a ministry leader there that totally pisses me off. there...i said it. in my mind he's lost all respect because of a dishonor for others and "use" of others that he permits due to pride. the icing on the cake is that one of the many people he has spit on dad. that pretty much crossed him right off my "like" list with one swipe of the proverbial pen. the funny thing is that i've known a ton of people who have disagreed with my dad over the being one on occasion (haha!)...but it's only once in a while that i see someone be incapable of respect in the midst of the struggle. adding dishonor is...well...WRONG! (i'm an honor buff..) this guy???...well, he's one of them.

well, today, my dad showed up to church to make sure that all these ministries had everything they needed to make their event go off without a hitch. he loves sharing the property with others. he was all over the place making people feel welcomed, and this leader dude was right there all along being served by my dad.

the kicker??? dad fully knows all the crap that this guy has shovelled in his direction. he's even taken some major assaults as a result of this guy's crap. but today?? dad just loved.

it's not something that i'm incredibly capable least, not in this situation. i'm more of an "accountability" girl (or at least it's easy to think that's what it is...). either way, it reveals an area where god can deepen me like he clearly has done for my dad.

my dad's pretty heroic. i love him so much. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hunger Plan OVER!

i just can't take it anymore! one more meal of rice will probably provoke me to rage!

you know what else i realized??? much i take the pleasure of "taste" for granted. eating basically the same thing over and over...trying even a little variety for the tastes with rice within this week's's TERRIBLE! without the reality of the 'hunger plan', i can work wonders with rice so that it tastes mexican, chinese, french, and on and on and on. and then add all the other varieties of food i could eat besides rice at any moment... i just eat like there's no tomorrow. i need to stop and "taste" the "roses" more often. maybe then i also wouldn't waste so much food via inhalation on the run...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Amazing Lady

My friend Jody introduced this blog to me. It's really quite amazing. This young lady was called to Africa as an 18-year-old. She is now the adoptive mother of 14 young girls...and is now the age of 20!!! Anyway, she recently decided to part ways with her fiance because she feels that her life is now in Africa. Quite amazing!

Challenging Blog

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cake Tops

i've discovered something WEIRD!!! i like touching fresh cake tops!!! yes, i know it's a bit on the weird side, but you really can't knock it 'til you bake it...and then touch it! ;) i've been baking some cakes for a trifle i'm making for a prayer and dessert meeting that i'm having tomorrow night. i just popped the cakes out of the oven and couldn't HELP MYSELF. i reached out and...felt them! yes, i know there is a TON of potential "gutter" material here, but i just had to tell you all about it. cake tops are soooo soft!!

ok...that's enough...for now. ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 1 of the Hunger Plan, i will begin "day 1" of the challenge to eat like those who have far less food as compared to the typical american diet. my friend erin sent me the menu that she and her hubby are following, and i think i'm going to use it. basically, it's about rice and minute amounts of protein. i might also do a couple days of what the typical person in a remote chinese village gets to eat. it is basically the same as the above mentioned but substitutes veggies for proteins sometimes. there is also this rice pouridge called "congee" that i might give a try.

can i just say...i'm already nervous to not have my ice cream or 'king vitamin' cereal...

Lady Party!

i had so much fun last night! some of my single friends came over for dinner and fellowship. it was so great to talk with others who have similar circumstances, dreams, frustrations... i laughed A LOT!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Party!

i'm having a 'single gals' valentine's party! i'm SO excited...i almost can't take it! tomorrow at this time, we'll be celebrating the 14th with style! so, i'm prepping tonight with my mad cleaning skills...haha...and some pre-dinner preps.


Meet Jack!!

HAHAHA! oh's true. this is jack.

i had to go with 'jack' because of the character on 'lost'. i'm in love with him, so it was only right. i also love jack in 'titanic', so there was the confirmation. :)

i was able to find him some...underwear. i'll have to hit a clearance rack for the rest. otherwise, he won't be able to go out on the town...just kidding (maybe!)

he's pretty tall and hot...despite the fact that he has no head or arms. no one is perfect, though, right??

anyway, i'm sure you'll meet him sometime. we are kind of socially active so...


I loved the first one...and totally love the re-do!!! The proceeds are going to Haiti. The other reason I love it...well, I'm a music-lover, and I totally love, love, love projects like this that bring together the "greats" from all styles. Some of these vocals are absolutely miraculous! Whoo! Gets me all worked up!!! :)

We are the World

Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing...Jack...Or Maybe...Ethan

HAHA! i just haven't settled on his name yet... my first leaning was to 'jack', but my cousin feels that since we know one already, 'ethan' may be better??? don't know...

so who is jack or ethan???

the man (equin)!!!!

yes, i picked him up today. (see previous blog..) it was a little awkward carrying him out of the office building where he spent the day. fortunately, someone had placed a sheet of paper over his "manhood". the audience made it more awkward, so i actually ended up wrapping him in some garbage bags to reach the car with only a few stares. getting him in the car was even more strange. he doesn't...bend. haha! stretching him from the back seat to the front presented a challenge. we made it though...feet on the dash.

you know...for the way things have gone in my life thus far, yes, this would be what happens next! my life is...interesting. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sign Language Class junior high elective is going so well! i have a real basic understanding of sign language. it really helped me when i taught in saint louis park (an asl magnet school), and i can't believe it has stuck with me for so long. the kids are picking it up SOOO quickly! and they are a TON of fun!!!

Auto Update

well...god is definitely moving. one of my cousins recommended a second opinion on my car, so i did that today with my splendid father. turns out it wasn't exactly what the first guy's still not something i can keep, but i definitely have more trade value than before. my parents have also agreed to help me...a payment to them is cheaper than an auto loan. pheww!!..otherwise, i'd be screwed!! a few days i'll be the proud owner of another saturn!!

by the way...another cool thing. turns out my uncle tim is quite the legend at the saturn dealers. i've never been treated so well based solely on my genetic connections...hehe! they told me that even if i didn't buy a car from them, they'd be happy to give me a loaner for a few days! umm...who does that??'s still been a challenge, but my hottie god (and my awesome parents) have been helping me so much!

Identifying with the Hungry

one of my fellow teachers brought up an interesting challenge issued by her church last spend a week eating like most of the world does. kinds of foods, portion sizes, water for beverages...woo! what a challenge! ever since she mentioned the idea, i've been thinking about it.

i'm going to do it!!!

here's the weird thing...i've googled it a million times and can't find any info on what is eaten by the less fortunate. it's a good thing she has some information. i believe it includes a lot of rice...and very little (if any) meat!! that in and of itself will be a major undertaking for this carnivore!0

i'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where the Love Lasts Forever

great song that i stumbled across today. i love the picture of throwing ourselves onto god and dancing forever. my heart needs to stay in this place...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meeting My Mannequin that title again. it's accurate.

my very sweet cousin has decided that i need a mannequin-man!! haha! as many of you know, i've been praying for my "heart-man". i'm not into just wanting a guy anymore...way past the "warm body" stage. no, i'm praying for a heart-man. i know he's out there...just waiting. sigh. well, my cousin decided that i was in need of a temporary man in the house while i wait for the real one to show up.

granted...he doesn't have a head...

but still...

(boy, there are so many directions i could go with that one...)

so, soon, you'll be meeting my new "man" (-equin).


Week from Hell!

And it's only Monday...

My dead. I have a job that I'm basically killing myself in this year for a salary that I can't even entirely support myself with (a terrible "bonus" of a ministry-oriented profession), and I'm freaking exhausted almost constantly. And because of that job, the notion of getting a new vehicle seems like the impossible. Probably a God-sized problem that I'll get to see Him solve...but at the moment it has me spinning. Add to that basically having to decide to walk away from a friendship that I've had for years... Anyone with even half a heart understands how difficult something like that is. Why is it that some good things...suck?

Blah-ba-dee-freakin''s just not a good time. Want to hear the words that are more accurate descriptors???...Nah, I don't want to defile your mind. ;)

The good news???...I'm surrounded by people that love me and my hottie God that loves me from the pit of Himself. How in the heck do people do life without others?


my friend kristi was telling me about a trying time in her life and a verse that she held to while she was in the midst of it. it spoke to me so much!

"Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay."

Habakkuk 2:2-3

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i'm telling you...god has great ideas! i'm a huge believer in the use of visuals in just about any subject possible. visuals...or stories. anyway, i was getting ready for 'buds' tonight (a youth program for little girls at a local church) and was trying to think of visuals to help the girls better comprehend the lesson.

so i asked god for help...:)

today in chapel i received the "photo upload". on occasion, i've actually experienced this weird slideshow in my brain of performing a visual. the interesting thing is that i know it's not from my own totally feels like it's from somewhere else. it totally "clicks" with things. it's very cool. and it's very "god".

and man...i actually personally needed that visual today.

god gets an "a". :)

Daily Audio Bible...1 Month Down

woo hoo!!!! i've officially completed my first month of reading the bible through in one year. i LOVE it! there are so many bit-sized cheesecake morsels...EVERY DAY! for those that are interested they have a website and are also on itunes in the podcast section.