Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grounded Where?

I've heard that we shouldn't live in the past. Yep, I agree. While good to revisit to remember old lessons and lay old wounds to rest, we shouldn't linger. All that looking back causes neck cramping...

I've heard that we shouldn't live in tomorrow too much either. Always waiting for the next big thing but never taking the steps necessary to get there... Yep, I concur.

I've decided, though, that living in the "now" isn't good either. Too much "today" makes a person forget that there's been a yesterday and there's going to be a tomorrow... Doesn't it seem like all of the "now, now, now" replaces the growth of patience with a dose of pressure?

Where to plant one's feet??...maybe a little of all...

...Or just float in the clouds...that's what I'm thinking.... ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson died. He is known for starting the national drug recovery ministry, Teen Challenge, and for his book, "The Cross and the Switchblade", which details how God used him to reach a gang leader named Nicky Cruz. What a powerful story!...and what an amazing man!

"You could cut me up into a thousand pieces and lay them in the street, and every piece will still love you." - David Wilkerson

"...and for two weeks I could not sleep because of love..." - Nicky Cruz

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reversed Thinking

Watch this!!! Interesting!

Good Reminder

‎"Even some of the guards became followers: the trick is for the followers not to think they need to become guards." - Bob Goff

Grammar Nightmare

I'm worried about the devolution of grammar in our country...HAHA! It's like people don't know how to use Basic Writing 101!! I'm assuming that the texting revolution has a bit to do with it, but it certainly can't be the entire problem. Hmm...

So...a new one for you...

Today, I saw someone massacre "are, our and hour". HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? I'm used to the puzzling placement of "they're, there, their" or "you're, your". They can be tricky! But "are, our, hour"???

So...thanks to

Are: A "be" in "We are going to practice grammar." or "They are going to lose their minds."

Our: An attributive adjective, a in "Our class can't take it anymore." or "Don't take our sanity!"

Hour: A noun indicating a period of in "I wish I had an hour to bang my head against a wall."

*sigh* ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hahaha! You are probably wondering what in the world I'm talking about now. ;) Well, my mom just gave me a copy of a sermon I recently gave at church. Listening to it has been a good, odd and awkward experience. Why?...I've NEVER heard myself speak before!! While bizarre to hear my own voice and many quirks (Hehe), it's SO good to do a little self-evaluation. Strengths, weaknesses, areas to improve, etc. A good experience.


Arrogance undermines conviction, sectarian or secular...revealing how much a person desperately needs a belief to be true rather than allowing the belief to be pure, genuine and marked by passion. It only attracts the fearful and proud...which likely isn't a pleasant, long-term grouping. Yikes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


If I ever have kids...adopted or not...and one is a girl...I want her to be a "Catherine". With a "C". Hopefully the father will be ok with that... Haha!! :)

End of Convo

So I was telling someone about the Greg Boyd quote that I posted below and experienced the complete shutdown of conversation. That's it...done. I guess it's good to know where "chat" can happen and where it can't, but I guess it just makes me a little sad. Oh well...on to the next thing. :)

Jesus and Women :)

One of my absolute favorite things about my Hottie Jesus is how He treats women. He obliterated so many of the ridiculous rules. He spoke to them, he touched them, he validated worth... The clip in the beginning of this video is of Jesus and the woman who was caught in adultery. The Pharisees were going to stone her, but Jesus stood up for her...and for who she was made to be.

A good reminder for the Easter season...the restoration He brought...

Too True!

It was God’s love, not his wrath, that needed to be “satisfied” with the death of Jesus. “For God so loved… that he gave…” - Greg Boyd


OH...MY...GOSH! This day went to...umm, hell (Shh!)...before it even began! The strategic part of me strongly dislikes poorly planned activities...STRONGLY! It puts me into constant "trouble-shooting" mode. Usually I don't mind that because it's a strength I have, but when it's due to ridiculousness, it's not so cool. People who don't do what they should and others who do what they shouldn't. Add 150 students to that??? Yowza!!!

THANK GOD for Jeff and Jody!!! They always jump in to "right" the ship.

Waiting for the final bell to ring so I can get outta here!!!! Four day weekend, here I come!

Something Way Beyond Myself

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something in your Eyes

My kiddos like this artist a ton lately. He's produced by TobyMac, I think! Fun!

Comment Indicator

Being that I enjoy Facebook and Twitter...umm, a lot...I've started to notice how each person tends to make comments/updates. Have you ever noticed how many people seem to be fear-based? They talk on and on about all of the "bad guys" out there and the latest conspiracies, and they use their words of faith as a combative measure.

It's weird...and sad...and actually embarassing...

Then are there others that seem to be so uniquely love-based that it's actually attractive. It's like they spray out fresh flowers with every word.

I think I want to become more and more of a love-based gal. No matter what comes, my reality will be marked by joy, hope, peace...


Monday, April 18, 2011

Intelligent Design

This is definitely NOT for people who dislike healthy conversation about the Evolution-Creation debate. I've run into people on all sides of the issue that are incapable of respectful dialogue. I know this because I've held pretty much every theory from Short-Day to Athiestic Evolution. Haha! BUT....because there are so many people who are able and interested...check out the video "Unlocking the Mysteries of Life" or the book "Darwin's Black Box". Both are a little dry, but the "sciency" types might find it pretty fascinating. Proteins, amino acids, DNA bases...*sigh* stuff! ;)

Moon River

I've been doing a "30 Day Song Challenge" on Facebook where we have assignments each day to post songs that meet the criteria. Today's was "a song that you can fall asleep to". I have to say "Moon River" has always been a good, dreamy song for me. Even now, I could nod off to Wonderland listening to it...but my lunch break only goes for so long...hehe. I was only recently introduced to Patti Page, and she, of course, hits it out of the park.

My Jesus and "After"

We've been doing a sermon series at church called "Living the Lord's Prayer". It's been SO great! Aaron had the topic yesterday which covered the phrase "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one". At one point the story of Peter's denial of Christ was brought up, and a particular verse really struck me.

"Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” Luke 22:31-32

What a beautiful picture of the heart of Jesus in a moment of a "fall"!!! Jesus warns him of a coming temptation with total awareness that Peter will stumble, but His sights are NOT set on the sin. He's focused on the RETURN and even gives Peter instructions for encouraging the others when he comes back.


It doesn't diminish the seriousness of our choices to walk away at all...but it gives us a picture of Jesus' focus...RESTORATION.

What a huge invitation for the church to move through and beyond the cross to BIGGER, restored living. The re-entrance of hope, joy, intimacy, mission... So, so, so many (personally and corporately) camp around "sin" but neglect the true heart expressed in the suffering on the cross. The fact that it's a sacrificial gate to...restored life. Jesus didn't stay there...I'm guessing God's kiddos shouldn't linger too long either...

There's a TON of LIVING to do...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The "Sad"

Does this ever happen to you? Something comes up that shouldn't make you feel sad anymore but for some reason it does?? Things that you've learned to close your heart to, things you've let go, things you feel you've made peace with...and then for some unknown reason you find yourself in a situation that brings up some piece of it and you are sad. Wow...that happened to me this weekend. I found myself surprisingly...sorrowful.

Of course, being the analyzer that I am, I immediately wondered if there's something wrong with me or if I'm losing my marbles all over again. But no...maybe it's just a remnant of something good that needs to be grieved. Maybe a memory to bid 'farewell' to... Who knows?

Regardless...I'm so glad I have the sister I do...she gives my feelings some validation. I'm also so glad that I have the God I do...He's good to fall back into and rest.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Song for the Broken Heart

This song has come with me through some "broken heart" moments. I highly recommend it! Tough but good!

I'll Be Okay - Amanda Marshall


Days like today remind me how much I wish there was more room for kids to be real. The church, the home, the culture in general...we are really bad at making space for hearts to be real. There are a lot of broken hearts out there. Without freedom and space to heal we can only default to turning life inside out to feed the pain. We are meant for so much more than that.

Has me a bit sad today...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uncle's Wisdom

My Uncle John wrote this the other day, and I wholeheartedly agree.

"Christians are not figuring out how to talk to each other--rooting out heresy is replacing love--yuk".

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ECRW Meeting

We had our second meeting for the East Central Republican Women (ECRW) tonight, highlighting Anne Neu, the campaign manager for Chip Cravaack. Oh my gosh!!!...there were so many new people there!!! How exciting! All complimented by great cheesecake and was a fantastic night!! :)

Chip Cravaack...Swoon

Some of the teachers were discussing the student trip to Washington D.C. that will happen during the next school year. One of them asked if I'd consider being a chaperone this year. Normally that's a complete joke, and we all laugh. Everyone knows that it's safer for the kids...and me...if I stay back...Haha! This time, though, my gut response was, "I wonder if Chip Cravaack will be in D.C at the time". HAHAHA!

I don't know what it is, but that guy is so...cute. I could pretty much faint being around him. I think he's a combo of good looking and inspiring...pretty much my downfall. Yes, I'm a respecter of the "ring", so no worries there...but we can all safely say that I'm a huge...admirer. ;)

As to chaperoning...maybe. Haha!

Kiddo Surprises

In a little sermonette for my kiddos a while ago, I shared an experience I had with God where He sang a little song to me. It was so encouraging for the moment...a moment in His embrace. Well, every now and then, some of them like to have that song come on as a little surprise, and they like to see if I'll notice. We're talking high school boys!!! Haha! They reveal their hearts so much more than they know. Today was another day. A group of them and I were setting up for chapel, and all of a sudden the song was filling the multi-purpose room. It...was...awesome! Another reminder that God is always right there with us.

They like the version by Adele. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Red Team...The Bane of my Existence

I went to sign up our team for the sand volleyball league at Junction Bowl. There was an official rules meeting so everyone could get on the same page. Well, of course, the infamous "Red" team was there to sign up. Yes, this would be the team that brings out my inner psycho. Rage, swearing,'s all there. ;) I went into the meeting thinking that I would really work on giving them a chance this season...not holding their crap against them, not letting my buttons get pushed so much...


They opened their bratty mouthes in the meeting and I lost all resolve...HAHAHA!

I literally sat there thinking, "Ohhhh crap...Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you...I'm going to spike you in the face...Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you..."

AHHHH!...Help me, Lord! (Or help them...hehe.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Good Reminder

I'm a harmonizer, and I find this to be a good reminder concerning the debate...

Rachel Evans Blog

A Great "Pondering"

I saw this in a comment that was made to a blog I was reading. I couldn't agree more...

"I don’t quite get the people that don’t want anything to do with Jesus on earth but want to go to heaven to be with Him forever." ~ Laura


G.O.S.P.E.L. from Humble Beast Records on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

IFB On Trial

Wow...this is pretty terrible stuff. 20/20 does an expose' on the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) group. The one pastor seems pretty balanced, but the others???...I'm terrified!!! I hope the people who've been victimized can find some genuine help!!!

20/20 episode

Introducing Etta and Gladys...

Occasionally I bring nieces or neighbors home from school. The conversations are always fascinating...a glimpse into the teenage mind. HAHA! Yesterday was kind of fun! I had one of each, and the topic was music. Usually the person in the passenger seat has charge of the iPod, picking whatever is interesting. The questions yesterday???...Who are Etta James and Gladys Knight?


What commenced was a concert of fabulous wonder!

Friday, April 8, 2011

What I Find So Odd...

Yep, one more about the Rob Bell "controversy". *sigh* Hopefully my last... :)

Please tell me who knows the exact "in's and out's" of what happens to a person spiritually as they die. I get the impression that some people have the instant a soul goes to heaven/hell nailed down...based on what, I cannot say. Does anyone know at what exact moment a person's spirit exits the body and meets the divine? What about the possible interaction with the Father in that passing or in a state of unconsciousness? How about the fact that God can operate outside of time? In passing is a second a true second or is it like the verse that says "a day is like a thousand years" to God? What happens in the moment a person goes to God? Does He reveal His love one more time or send them on their immediate way with no further pursuit? Is there anyone who can say for sure??

What I find so odd are Christians who staunchly assert that they know...for sure...the exact details of how that all works...and they permit themselves to judge accordingly. They do this to the degree that they actually...and unknowingly (I'm hoping)...present a perspective of God that is utterly heartless.

I have to say...I'm so convinced of two things. Yes, only two. ;) First, I am so confident in God's love and His pursuit of the human heart, as expressed through Jesus, that nothing would surprise me in His interaction with a person in death and beyond. Second, I am so confident that His love ultimately permits freedom to choose. Thus, He'd never force anyone beyond what they desire. How those views rob God of His holiness and sovereignty is beyond me.


Never put God in a box. He frowns on such things... He's wild, remember? Wild and good. ;)

Rob Bell Speaks...

I'm sad that he even had to say all this... BUT hopefully it settles some things...

A Great Teacher

One of my absolute favorite things is the opportunity to sit under a great teacher. My Uncle Tim is one of those people. He LOVES to learn, to be dazzled by unique things that stand out to him, and share them with others. Every Monday, I look forward to our weekly sermon preparation meeting...sometimes just to hear what's been on his mind lately. For the next 8 weeks, though, I have the opportunity to take a class from him. It's a Sunday school class at church. Oh's going to be GREAT!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MORE Life List Items

I keep a running Life List to keep me focused on goals but also to keep life from getting too boring. ;) Well, I've added 2 more! They are of the "sciency" sort...ya, I'm a nerd that way. Haha!

1. See little sea turtle babies hatch and head for the ocean.
2. Experience glowing algae (or as my friend Sarah says...phosphorescent algae...she's a Communication major and has always been so much better with words). ;)

Oh man, I'm SOOO excited!!!

Pushing Buttons on the Father-Relationship's pretty much old news that my faith has changed dramatically over the past few years. I've moved from such a "heady" perspective of God to a markedly relational one. Every day I'm closer to God as my good Father...experiencing Him in real and deep ways. My life will never be the same. :) my obsession is how to step into more and more and more...

And you know what I realized???

It has to do with the Holy a life of continued filling.

Now, don't get me wrong. When I say "filling", I'm not talking about all of the typical "associates" of a baptism in the Holy Spirit (i.e. speaking in tongues). I don't have a critique of those in the least, but it's not what I'm remotely focused on. Instead I'm talking about inviting more and more of the Spirit's presence into our lives. Making room. With that comes a greater connection to the Trinity...greater interaction with the heart of the Father. I'm thinking Jesus' life reveals it...and I'm going to go see about that... ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier

I saw a documentary the other day that ended with this part of a song by the "Killers". Oh my's so catchy. I can pretty much guarantee it's what's floating around in this head at any given time lately...Oops! ;)

Pushing Buttons On Forgiveness

Forgiveness has always been a toughy for me. It's not that I'm incapable in the least. I've experienced powerful forgiveness in my life and have been able to extend it in some of the most challenging and painful situations. God is so good to help us give and receive... Sometimes, though, I find it next to impossible to take Him up on His help.

What becomes a grey area for me on occasion is the cloudiness that seems to exist between forgiveness and accountability. How the two go together sometimes and not at all in others becomes quite baffling. Sometimes I recognize that it's not my responsibility to communicate the inappropriateness of things and will instead move to the decision of "to forgive or not to forgive". Other times, I have a sense of needing to go there...occasionally fueled by resentment...occasionally fueled by truth. One of those has to do with unforgiveness. One doesn't. Navigating that??...well, it can be tricky for me.

So...God's been asking me to forgive a few situations lately. Oddly, he's been directing my path right into a few people on my "S### List". Not fun, but a good reminder that there's something more than bitterness.

The final straw was a documentary that popped up on my account. It was called "Forgiving Dr. Mengele". I've watched it 3 times now and still find it challenging. She was one of the twins that Dr. Mengele tested on while at Auschwitz. She and her twin were the only ones in her family to survive, and she eventually lost her sister to the effects of the injections from the terrible experiments. Years later...she decided that she could not live with unforgiveness...and she began the journey towards that.

Here are some quotes from the documentary:

- "I realized that I have the power to forgive. No one and nothing can take that away."
- "Getting even has never healed a single person."
- "It's time to heal our souls."
- "Waiting for them to earn it makes me a victim for life."
- "Forgiveness means that [the person] no longer causes me such pain that I cannot be who I was meant to be."

What is interesting to me is that she takes a lot of grief from others because forgiveness in their worldview is characterized by "an eye for an eye". They feel her forgiveness doesn't demand enough retribution. She steps out of that and views her forgiveness as the power to release healing...even if it's only for herself.

Why is this so challenging for me??...In my mind this woman's suffering at the hands of pure evil gives her a "right" to unforgiveness. Her choice to choose another way???...To view it as an imperative power??? Well, her words and decisions seem like a charge to get on board and live differently. Add to that, the reality that Jesus cracks open the lid on forgiveness, moving it from "eye for eye" to "turn the other cheek" with the promise of His healing presence to fuel it...I have no good excuse to not...

So fascinating...and humbling.

I guess that doesn't mean that I can't turn over a few tables from time to time. Regardless, I can and should be an agent of healing. Hmm...

Pushing Some Buttons

Man, it's been a crazy week for lessons! Do you have moments where you know God is throwing some stuff up in your face/life to consider, wrestle with and move through???'s one of those!! I'm SO glad though!! So...I'm going to be blogging about some of those in the days to come...have to get my footing first!! Haha!