Wednesday, December 30, 2009


oh my GOSH! i LOVE chris brown!! i know!!!...there's probably something crazy about that, but it's true!!! what a great song about forgiveness! he must be trying to get back together with rihanna after all the 'yuck'. wonder if she'll do it. he'd have to do some major proving...hmm. oh well, regardless...great forgiveness song...the journey of it...sigh.

Just Can't Bring Myself To...

ok...there's a song my kids like...catchy tune even...but...well, it has the word "iPod" in it!!! what??? i'm really sorry...but i just can't bring myself to enjoy a song that actually says that in the lyrics. over and over and over... doesn't that seem really weird???

check it out if you want...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i didn't think i'd like the movie, but i actually enjoyed it. ok, well, and i also saw it in 3d which was AMAZING!!!! i'm a girl with an "easily amused" button, was fab! it did get a little weird in places with all the energy stuff...and the hints at uber-"green" and the iraq war controversy...but other than that bull honk, it had a great message...or was at least entertaining. :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Goal for 2010

i don't usually make goals or resolutions for the new year. this time, though, i've decided to give myself a challenge. i'm going to read the bible all the way through!! i even found a free podcast that will help me if i can't get my eyes to the page some days. the '1 year daily audio bible' on itunes!!!

here's the other cool part. this is in no way a religious endeavor for me. i actually want to give it a shot because more and more the scripture is becoming like chocolate for opposed to brussel sprouts. ;)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chris Tomlin's Christmas CD

i'm not usually a fan of christmas cds...a little o.d.'ed, i think.


i was riding with my parents to our family christmas gathering today, and dad put this cd in the car's player. i was a freaking crazy girl!!! LOVED IT!

one favorite is his arrangement of 'joy to the world'...i LOVE the part called 'unspeakable joy' that he's added. i also LOVE the song 'born that we may have life'. at the end (around 3:30) he adds a choir...ohhhhh nelly, am i a fan of a good african-american choir!! woooooo-heeee! so, here's some more listening pleasure!

perhaps dancing is in order??? ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Gun for Christmas...Hehe!

so i woke up on christmas eve morning and started preparing to go out and shovel like a crazy girl. as i was getting all suited up, i looked out my living room window and stopped short.

...sometimes my life has this weird "quirk" stamped all over it...

there were 4 wild turkeys walking through my lawn. strutting their stuff like they owned the world.

weird thing...

while yes, admiring the mouth started to want them.


i guess i'm more carnivore than herbivore...and i don't even know if they taste good.

so next year...i'm hoping santa brings me a gun...maybe a pink one. i'd like try to shoot my own food in my own lawn...and then hire out for the prepping and preparing. hehe!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Minor Irritation

i don't always enjoy the verbal freedoms that alcohol affords some people. it's embarassing sometimes...especially when it's at my expense. oh bother...

"Intervention" episode

i'm a huge fan of the show 'intervention'. i just LOVE watching people who are really in desperate heart-pain start taking steps towards healing. sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't. but, nothing is wasted in the attempt to win freedom. anyway, the man in this episode seemed like a really brokenhearted man...and i loved his ending.

intervention - coley

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Gift for the Ladies :)

My Tree

it's not new news that i absolutely love twinkle lights. i actually often ponder how to have them up all year...still working on that. well, when it is officially past thanksgiving, my tree gets put up...and doesn't come down until...february?? hehe. i love putting on the lights, the burgundy bows, the glittery ornaments, my angel...ahhh, pure heaven. well, i've started adding something else to my tree routine. you know the photo cards that people tend to send now instead of cards?? i put those in different places all over the tree. it makes it even more perfect to me...decorated with the people i love. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cool Verse

i received a birthday card in which the author had written a wonderful verse. it's very encouraging to me for some reason. :)

Isaiah 30:29 "And you will sing as on the night you celebrate the holy festival; your hearts will rejoice as when people go up with flutes to the mountain of the Lord, the Rock of Israel."

Christmas song

this is one of my absolute favorite christmas songs!! i think mariah carey also sings it. the first time i heard it was at a christmas concert with several christian musicians. 'avalon' came out and started singing was really overwhelming for me. well...this christmas has been so amazing. more than pages of a story, the coming of christ to 'save me in every way a person can be saved' is a living story for me. my hero came!!!...and he romances my heart every single day! :)

Ally McBeal!!!

have you ever loved a television series? loved it because of the characters...and because it was with you during a particular season of life. oh my....'ally mcbeal' would have to be one of those for me. granted, it's a little off-color...but my, oh my, i love the quirky ally!! i identify with her so much.

well, i've been looking for the seasons for YEARS!! i couldn't find any. even 'amazon' only sold the version playable in other countries (some different type or whatever). well...i didn't kn0w it was recently released until the other night with my sissy. we both about fell over in the 'target' aisle. i couldn't afford the whole shabang, so i had to settle for the first season...


last night, two of my good friends surprised me with the WHOLE THING!! i almost cried my eyes out!! AND...i actually slept with the box last night.

yes...i can bond with characters and/or cardboard. hehe!

Holy Shmoly!!

do you ever run into a 'heartstopper'??? oh my gosh!!...there are, of course, all kinds of beautiful people (personally, i subscribe to a universal beauty philosophy.), but every once in a while i run into someone who's...absolutely a heart stopper. sheesh...did today at 'cub foods' of all places. a man helping an older man (father?) shop. tall, full, dark...AHHH! i actually stopped dead in my tracks. he didn't walk right over and sweep me off my feet...could have been that the tongue on the floor was a HAHAHAHA!'s to beauty everywhere!!! :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

What to do...

i'm not a "group-y". regarding church, that is. i don't strive to be a member of the methodist clan, the baptist clan, the pentocostal clan, etc. i just want to be a jesus-girl...and don't really give a rip about the rest. because of that, i actually enjoy what god is doing in the church worldwide...because it's not about numbers, competition and membership guidelines. it's about love.

but i've hit a snag...

what do i do when i stumble across a group that teaches about jesus but has some other serious issues that i strongly disagree with?? what about when they snag people into their nets that i love??

i have a hard time letting it be "ok".

in fact...i actually want to flippin' tell some people off. (hence the "seeing red" from earlier...)

i've been reading paul's thoughts in 1 corinthians because it seems there was some drama with a guy named apollos who was also a minister...well, and drama with the people who made heroes of men with subsequent pissing matches. his thoughts actually are frustrating to me. he asks that we let things be about christ and the preaching of him...even if there are other things we disagree with. and THEN he goes further to encourage trust in god to reveal things in the right time. his freakin' high road...

all that alongside what god's been daring me to do regarding loving the tough people in my life.

i'm so mad right now...i could spit nails.

so i'm weighing things. saying something??...possible. praying about it???....definite. :)

Watching Kids Suffer

one thing i don't like about my job...watching kids with debilitating conditions. 'nuf said.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Someday my life in song...?

music is a living thing for me. some arrangements make my soul feel like it has left my body...i love it! so, i've been looking at people's lists of "best musical scores" and stumbled across this one. i hope my life sounds like this someday. :)

(i love the piano addition in the second one...hmm, maybe that one...)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Movin' On

man, am i thankful for my family and friends!! i have a tiny problem...when i get pissed off. i lose all possible powers of rationality. i started seeing spots...start foaming at the mouth...hehe. i had one of those recently...and started looooooooosing it!! ;) because see...i'm just so tired of toxic people. they get away with so much sh## and get to just walk away leaving tons of slime after they go. i know i should be happy when they finally move on out of dodge...but i just have a hard time letting go of the fact that they get to leave messes and bring others down with them. (ya, i'm more on the side of justice...hehe.) god's grace i usually have one moment of "sense" when i get ticked. for some reason i call mom or dad or a friend...and usually choose the right ones to call in the moment...the ones that will help me return to peace and balance and trust know...the more rested place of the heart.

still ticked...but not seeing so much red. HAHA!

"One More Time"

we had a school dance last night. lots of fun! one of the kids played this song...and i loved it! somehow it seems familiar to me...somewhere in that past of mine. ;) well, anyway, it's a new dance fav of mine...and my new workout partner!!! (ya, i have a pretty eclectic music love...a little techno apparently!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Abby's Licensing

a huge 'congrats' to abby!! the elders at church agreed to license her this week. :) what gifts she excited!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Roberts Article...Ridiculous!

i just read an article about the death of oral roberts (controversial person indeed). i then clicked to the "discussion" about the article.

ya, here's where the blog parts from any discussion of the actual facts of the article...and moves to the ridiculous hypocrites who have to make issue of any blasted thing!

whether it's from those who hate the notion of "god" and/or hate people who like the idea of a god...or whether it's people that supposedly claim to be "loving", what freakin' bottom-feeders!!!

how some can claim an intellectual "prowess" because of their atheistic enlightenment or how others can claim a "prowess" of a different sort...of the spiritual type...yet BOTH can be undeniably, disrespectfully SMALL and PREJUDICED.

not a very good "poster child" for the team...EITHER TEAM.

wow. incredibly bizarre...ohhhhh, the little.

Birthday God Song

well...god is my major hottie. ;) i got a gift this morning in a song that was soooo....wonderful. i think most people know that my relationship with god is a bit...odd. HAHA! but i LOVE it!!! there! ;) for more details on that read chapter 8 in the book 'journey of desire'. holy shmoly!!

i can't exactly post the song that spoke to my heart...i think it'll throw some a crazy curve ball. so, i'm going to post the link to my god-love theme song. it's "forever" by chris brown. seriously, watch the video with the notion of 'messianic undertones'...meaning with chris brown as a "jesus-type" character. the flashes of light are the "WE" (the trinity...the with-god life). the lady is me, you...whoever. (we just all may not have the rockin' bod...hehe).


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Favorite Adorable Cartoon Character

chilly willy...LOVE him! :)

Great Quote!!

"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Proof of my BAD Luck

i hate to share these things, but i feel the need...especially when people question the fact that i have very, very bad luck. VERY! it's just true.

well...enter state's evidence #46237.

i was experiencing the loveliness of my bathroom (i.e. on the "pot"), reached for something...and FELL OFF the toilet.

that's right...FELL....OFF.

who does that?

that's :)

no need to question my lack of luck EVER again.


granted, i do actually know a few that don't prove my point...haha...


good grief!!! i want to absolutely scream sometimes from frustration!!!

i don't know what it is...a pride of sorts? just a smaller sphere of operation?? well, whatever it is...i wish i could offer some tips for working with the rest of the population.

i work in a school, so i bet you are wondering where my frustration comes from...but i have TONS of interactions from participating in athletics to newly enrolling in school, etc., etc., etc.,...

for those that are getting ready to freak out...YES, there are some positives...but i just wish there was a way to show them how some of their patterns, systems, etc. actually impact others...because it doesn't always seem like there is that awareness.

today's struggle...time.

i think because they operate on their own schedules...and ones of their's hard to be respectors of others' time. at least, it seems like there's little connection that other people have obligations too. thus...waiting. followed by more...waiting. all the while becoming more and more late for my previous commitments.

AHHHH! i could pull my hair out...except that i'm trying to grow it out. so...maybe i could pull their hair out. hmm...

Interesting Wisdom!!

today, i heard someone say "you are your strongest when you know you can ask for help."

that took me back a bit...

because asking for help is one of my biggest struggles.

hmm...seems like a great breakthrough is on its way. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

'Titanic' Documentary

i'm in love with anything related to the 'titanic'. the stories, artifacts, documentaries...and of course THE movie (saw it 7 times in the theater!!!). i stumbled across this on youtube and have been totally enthralled (and saddened). it's very interesting.

Titanic Episode (i think there are many sections to view.)

The Purge

haha...ya, it's a weird title.

i'm an emotionally-wired crying (for happy or sad or in between) is a regular thing. sometimes, though, i notice that i'm a bit pent up. i don't know if it's because life gets so stressful sometimes with all my running around that i don't get my normal "vent" spots. it could be that intercessory thing sometimes too. maybe it's just my heart wrestling with things. whatever the reason, i've been feeling a bit of a storm lately with no way to vent it.

well, it finally started to come up a little last night when my dad came over to install my new stools. for some reason his presence usually gives me a bit of permission to feel. it's weird...but he's cool like that without even knowing he's having that effect. so somehow him just being here last night loosened something...but that was it. just loosened.

leave it to 'home makeover'...hahaha. open the floodgates, people. sweet! purge the soul!!! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009



oh my gosh...i seriously almost hurled when i took a huge wiff of molasses the other night. i had some lovely little ladies over for some cooking-baking and was trying to make some dough before they came. i decided to try ginger bread men. granted, i enjoy the taste of the those...but the molasses in the pre-cookie fashion???...EWWW! and then i noticed that the container says "unsulfured"...what the freak does that mean?? and does "sulfured" molasses smell better??? i recall that sulfur reminds me of yellowstone national park and/or rotten eggs.

oh my gosh...i'll never be the same.

molasses has ruined me...and not in a good way. i'm having nightmares. ;)

Free Month at Snap

well...i'm a power-walker. although, it's getting colder, so i become a bit of a pansy (deb, my uber-walking partner fears nothing when it comes to the elements...but i'm a wuss.). i've been wanting to get back in shape though because i've been letting things go in that department for a while...hehe. so, jody got a letter from 'snap fitness' last week giving our teachers a free month if we were interested. "free" was the key word to me. so we checked it out...and are now signed up (4 of us so far...2 with families!!).

i'm going to try to get the most out of my free month...hey, if you want to come, i can bring guests!!!

OH...i tried it today, and i HATE the 'eliptical'. in a matter of seconds, places hurt in my body that i didn't know could...AHHH! i'll keep trying though...i'm a glutton for punishment. ;)

My Daddy and Mommy!...They're Amazing! ;)

so i was telling my dad about how i wished i had more counter space in my kitchen. (i've been "practicing" more in that department...hehe). i LOVE my kitchen because the original owners designed it for tall people...higher counters!!!...but, there is so little of that priceless counter space. :)

he built me a high table...two halves actually so i can pull it apart and make a buffet line-up!! sweet!

and then today i get a call from mommy and daddy that they have my birthday gift at their house...4 stools for my high table!!!!

i'm in heaven!!! :) THANKS, mom and dad!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sacred Grounds

i'm getting excited for tonight! there's a weekly worship/teaching service at a local coffee shop. i've heard a TON of great things about what god is doing through the ministry (becky dezurik runs it...check her out online). well, tonight, i get to take a whack at a teaching. it'll be a good challenge for me...but mostly, i'm hoping i'm able to share what god's wanting to say. it's at 7pm if you are local and interested. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mommy, I'm scared!

keep going after their weird's...terrifying. (thanks, melise!...AHHH!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Plastic Fear...HAHA!

i went to have my 'grape nuts' at school this morning. usually i eat out of a special bowl. i know...i'm weird like that. well, someone else used my bowl today, so i was left with the task of choosing a different one.

you would think that a bowl is just a bowl...


jeez! not for this girl, apparently!

many of the alternatives were plastic, and it about made me nauseous!!!

i'm a FREAK!!! :)

the thought of eating my cereal out of plastic makes me feel like something is wrong with the world. ohhhhhh my!

BUT...i feel i'm right! HAHA! i have absolutely no plans of changing my eating apparatii.


i think...if i have a daughter someday...that i'm going to name her 'eden'. ya, random topic. it's just that i've been studying it for a teaching, and every day i'm more and more enamored with the concept. the word itself means 'delight'. i just love that so much.


ohhhhh's true. i actually had a student ask me to explain what "e.d." is.

"e.d.?" [thought to self, "please not what i think she's asking..."]

"erectile dysfunction." [thought to self, "crap"]

"well, it's time for chemistry class, so let's explain that another time." [thought to self, "hopefully you'll forget."]

why me, god??? WHY??


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bubble Wrap

it's not new news that i LOVE bubble wrap. it could keep me occupied for hours...umm, and has!! my friend sarah sent this to me, and i laughed out loud...and still don't feel guilty in the least. i wonder if that means that i have no popping conscience., i don't care!! :)

The Golden Child

i've never understood why people have to have their particular "golden child" of the moment.