Saturday, June 30, 2012


Why do people just drop off the face of the earth sometimes???...that grand disappearing act. I find it so frustrating. People are worth more in my way of thinking. Sigh...Ugh...and all that.

Honor the value of relationship. It's more of a gift than we realize.

Interesting Speech

Here's something interesting to ponder. It's a commentary on America from a new show on tv (which obviously I'm not endorsing...haven't seen it). My bro-in-law played this speech for us today, and I found it fascinating. Note...if you are sensitive to language, you may want to skip this.


Monday, June 25, 2012


One of the languages that God speaks to me through is the language of science. Fingerprints of God EVERYWHERE!! :)


Saturday, June 23, 2012


Get ready to cry! ;)

Great Olympic Videos

Blind Chef

I'm completely amazed by this woman! She so symbolizes all of us!! Why??...In Love's Journey there are NO excuses for not becoming who you are made to be! Get moving!! :)


God in the Music

One of the things God has been teaching me is how to experience Him with the wiring He's given me. By wiring, I mean the ways I'm designed to know inspiration, wonder, passion... Music is one of those. For some reason my soul opens right up in the midst of notes and lyrics. And one of the intentions of God...He's been showing that I will be able to experience Him in the midst of that gift in a very natural, heart-oriented way. So...this song...yep, we've been experiencing each other through it. Quite magical actually. :)


Gun Fun!!

I was going to get my "conceal and carry" a few months ago, but I couldn't because I really haven't fired too many guns.

So..."gun fun" to the rescue! I was able to get together with a host of men and their guns! At last count, I fired 15 different kinds from shotguns to rifles to pistols.

It. Was. SO. Much. Fun!!!

Moving targets???...can't hit them even remotely.

Stand-stills???...oooooooh ya! Watch out! ;)

Favorites...a hand gun that doesn't kick back so hard and a rifle that looks like a Rambo gun!!! Hotness. Hehe.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

10,000 Reasons

Guy Vs. Man

Oh, Baby! If there's one thing I can barely contain myself's meeting a real-live, "package deal" man. In this adolescent, entitled's not a common thing. Not impossible...just somewhat of an infrequent occurrence. A man who's not afraid to be a man...who doesn't need to be a "guy"...who knows the value of a woman...and knows it without having his own sense of worth threatened.

A "guy"...I'm just not into that. Not for relationships. For fun??...sometimes...although given enough alcohol, I find them to be...sigh...smaller and shallower than a man is destined to be. Truthfully, I feel bad for them...because they seem to lack a sense of self, of strength, of mission, of adventure... As such, they seem to live in lesser, safer stories that enable their insecurities instead of challenge them to grow up. And sadly, they seem to only be able to relate to women (and define themselves)...sexually. For's his strength and ours.

But a man...commence fanning self. Even if he's not sure of his course, he has a solidity. A depth. A strength. A daring. He is honoring of others...not full of propriety...just definitely not using. He can reveal his whole self if he wants hiding, no compensating. Even if it's displaying a weakness...his willingness to be humbly real is actually indicative of strength.

And calls to the heart to rise to a more powerful way of living.

Whoo...that's a man for ya.

Not perfect, not "you complete me"...just deep and real.

Just a sighting gives me hope for humanity... :)

** And I get it...we are all "in the making". It's just nice to see that things don't always have to stay the same. More is real and possible...for us all!


I'll be seeing this one!! :)

The Observer

Are there just some things we need to learn the "hard way"? Ugh...seems so. I guess my own experience would indicate it...well, at least on some fronts. Now having to be the spectator in someone else's dangerous dance...oh man, I'm having a hard time with it. Not being able to do one thing to keep steps from the edges. Having to treat people like adults instead of teenagers. But more???...knowing the sad consequences and not wishing that on anyone.

Let go and let God?? That's harder for this girl that you even know. Apparently, I'm a control freak. ;)

I guess it's maybe a good opportunity to revisit some of those heartbreaks (since they are regularly coming to mind in all the observation) and see if there's any unfinished business. God's good like that, I guess. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well, it's moments like these when I miss my BFF. Spilling the beans and being understood. Sigh.

The Warrior Princess

It was the last week of my high school girls' class for church. We've been talking about being God's we get to know Him as Abba (daddie) and what it means to be His cherished we get to know Him as the Pursuer and what it means to be romanced by HIm... Today was all about the Warrior Princess...being the daughter of the King in love's war...having the privilege of royal responsibilities utilizing all the resources of the kingdom.

Lordy, I love God. The identity that only He can unleash in each of us is waaaaayyy beyond what we could ever dream.

So, here's to two of my favorite princess-warriors. Yay for Lord of the Rings. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Shirt 4 Life

Great organization! Buy a a life! They use the funds to fight the spread of HIV in Africa.

* 1 child dies every minute from AIDS
* Every 15 seconds a child is orphaned because of AIDS
* 2.3 million children are living with HIV in Africa


Oooohhhh dear. Yep, I've joined the p90x family. Haha! A group at church is doing it together. It's totally kicking my butt, but I'm enjoying getting back in shape. Some of the people in this video are a bit "intense"...hehe...and I have no intentions of being a ripped girl. HAHA! I'm loving the fellowship though!! So  nice to workout with people I love!

The life of "For"...

I'm not a fan of Casting Crowns usually, but this song has me thinking a bit. The lyrics specifically are a really good challenge to Christians. So, so many don't think about what they look like to those who do not believe what they do. Honestly...and sadly...the image portrayed is pretty angry and heartless. Oh, and I know...there are some who will say that it's ok to be despised when it's for "truth" or "high standards", but that argument tends to be based purely on their own view of themselves. (And that same critique exists for the other "sides" as well.)

But's a few who give us that reputation, it seems...but the problem is exacerbated by Christians who do more of...well, nothing...other than have a faith that shows up on Sunday mornings but a daily life that sinks back into our culture's typical entitlement. Maybe sending a few $$ to a cause when our heart-strings get plucked but not really living out of the divine, life-giving relationship that we were designed for...

Should we try to be "acceptable" to others? To "match" or fit in?? To never "rock the boat"???...not in my opinion. But could we at minimum be disliked for better reasons???...YES!

I'd rather be hated for loving too much...for believing in and actually living out the possibility and potential that the presence of God unleashes...for the blessed gift of humanity that is fully alive...for blessing the social, environmental and entrepreneurial realms with justice, stewardship and investment...and on and on and on...

It's time to be known more for what we are opposed to our tantrums for everything we are against... (And by "for" I mean things we are actively living out!!!) Certainly there'd be more listening to particular convictions in the tough issues when we are first known for being ambassadors of goodness, restoration, stewardship, compassion...

Thursday, June 7, 2012


One from an interesting author, Donald Miller..."Having high standards doesn't make you a snob. Judging people makes you a snob. Standards improve our quality of life."

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some Greatness


It's a whole new world, baby! God's just been cracking the lid off the word "gospel". It's so much wider and deeper than I ever dreamed!!! There's wholeness beyond freedom from sin, rejection of lies and healing of wounds. All of those things are critical and valuable, but His purposes...His true shalom peace...the kind that Jesus' death and resurrection unleashes us even MORE grand. Could that be possible?? YES. The cross opens the floodgates of intimate presence. The kind that illuminates identity...mission...destiny...true and beautiful humanity. It starts with the individual, but it doesn't stop there. No way!!! The life of the gospel has social implications...environmental possibilities...marketplace magic... It goes on and on and on...

Woo! Now that's livin'... ;)

WHOLE gospel. It's the heartbeat of eternity.

Love...and the Gentleman

You Failed

Girls, Girls, Girls...

I'm telling you...Women do some insanely stupid things when they are desperate to find love. Rarely do we consider the regrets in the making while in our pursuit of having "no regrets" in the moment. Big consequences, sacrificed reputation, erosion of standards...all to see if "he'll love me".

If those are the things we are willing to allow, it's most definitely not worth it.

I know it from experience.

And I get tired of seeing the mistakes repeated over and over again in young women who place the fear of singleness above personal worth.

It's not respectful of self...and it's certainly not respectful of men.


There are always going to be those moments that we can't get back. Impossibilities for restoration, retribution, resolution... That doesn't mean we can't find peace though. We can open our hearts and let it go.'s to the end of a difficult chapter. Turning the page... :) 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Letting Go

If there's one thing God has woven right into my heart, it's the ability to hold on to another. For some reason, He'll tuck a person right into my heart, and not even hell itself can remove them.

Never let go...

It's helpful in a job where we are often "diving into the trenches" to help young people grow, to face their challenges, to step towards their greatness...

But...then comes the day where you have to release them...and it's almost the hardest thing for me to do. It goes beyond what makes sense to my heart, yet it's the absolute right thing to do.

Today is one of those days. The high school graduation ceremony.

I have some kiddos in this bunch that have wiggled their way in...such absolute delights to my heart. Yet as right as it is, letting go hurts a bit. Such pride for what they've accomplished. So many hopes that they'll live big stories. Some fears that they might stumble a bit more than I wish for them.

But I guess love actually puts wind to the wings...and that's never a bad thing. Soaring is what they are made for.

Certainly special to this teacher forever. :)

The Tough Stuff

Oh dear. I had to wait in a line tonight for a very long time. Ended up standing behind a really sad soul. I wasn't paying any attention to her until she turned around to ask if I'd save her place in line.


Either her face was hit by a semi...or she had an encounter with a very angry person.

The fact that she was so sheepish...averting her eyes, displaying a total lack of self-worth...tells me that it was the latter.

Ugh. It hit me right in my, so fragile...and I can't stop thinking about her. Pray for her if you can. She didn't tell me her name, but whoever she is, she needs courage to ask for help....and for that help to be ready when she needs it.