Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Meaning of the Word

It's the end of 2015, so I have been reflecting on the year and the word God gave me as the theme. The focus of the year was "Kingdom" which I've blogged about some. Such a huge word...everything Jesus embodied, released and invited us into. It dawned on me the other day that, though I've sought out and learned other wonderful aspects of the word, the year really focused on a particular aspect of "Kingdom" that I will never forget.


When I look back at 2015, I am reminded of countless sorrows. People who experienced suffering indirectly (as a result of someone else's choices) or directly (as a result of their own choices) or both (most usually)...and when others cowardly took their leave (people who engage in rejection have fallen far short of their calling in my book...yep, ridiculous...sorry), "Kingdom" calls people to rush in.


Because Jesus would...and did...and does. And as people of "Kingdom", we should too.

Our culture as a whole (and yes, pervading the church as well...though we hate to admit it) has so diluted or completely forgotten the value of a human life. We pick and choose where we want people to matter...basing it on typically trivial, "lesser" points of value. It is disgusting. Sigh. But, truly, each and every soul has a beauty and a destiny regardless of success or failure, and not one of us is exempt from those moments of struggle. We need to be so sold out to the belief that "we are more" that we will choose to be there every single time someone falls...and to celebrate the victories that come after.

We show up with love instead of hate. We choose to view people through the lens of hope instead of the lens of shame. We certainly bring accountability when it's appropriate, but we offer it from a place of wisdom and care...not fear and control. Grace, grace, grace...that compassionate beckoning forward regardless of consequences...and regardless of the opinions of naysayers.

Being restorative people calls us up into a higher way of living...challenging for sure as it can be a discipline more than a delight sometimes. It develops the "Kingdom-person" too...creating further release into a more genuine humanity as we refuse to let go of the hope that we ALL are more than our mistakes...that there is ALWAYS hope for a new day. We are formed more deeply as we stand for the transformation of another.

"Kingdom" believes in the best, fights for it, defends it... What a gift it is...restoration...right from God's heart to the people around us.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Got no time for it

Check out the article below. It is the great obstacle I encounter every day...representatives all over in the American church. It drives me absolutely insane. So frustrating. I don't have time for it...I have too much to do for the cause of good. Yay for the real Jesus!

The Great Idol of Modern Christianity

I know there are people who are afraid. I don't want to be too insensitive...I know all too well what it's like to be owned and motivated by fear. BUT...I also know freedom. There's so much more to life than the fake security fear offers. We must move on. MUST!!

Monday, October 26, 2015


I just couldn't love this more!!! Going "through"...tough stuff but authentic hope on the other side. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

So Tired of the Entitlement

Sigh...except we do care...

Working in education for over 15 years now, I've noticed an increase in student and parent entitlement. I expect some from the stages of kiddo development, and, of course, there are legitimate concerns from time to time. But can get just ridiculous.

I've heard this from teachers and support staff all over the place. People will go on and on about what they "deserve" from teacher/schools, but what about what educators deserve from THEM??? My goodness...that's true partnership after all...

Is it just education or is it everywhere? Because sometimes going anywhere else seems tempting...sheesh. Yep!...someday I'm gonna write a book...and I'm naming names. ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Prayer - Song Style

I'm such a visual person that prayer had to be a bit "amended" for me. Just saying the words without some sort of visualization...ugh, not good. For the way I'm wired, it's so much fuller.

I've had some people on my heart lately, and it has been difficult to find the words or picture to pray. Not because of anything wrong with them or myself...more that the desire I have for them just can't seem to be captured deeply enough with the abilities of my mind.

So, I've been praying with songs. :)

Worship is also a visual experience with me...picturing the words or experience being described in music. Music, of course, has a key to the soul. It seemed natural to place the individuals that are on my heart into the setting of the worship song.

Wow. Powerful.

What has actually been happening is that I've been able to see the Holy Spirit minister in the workings of the prayer-song time right before my imagination's "eyes". I've been able to "agree" in the positioning of my heart that the realities sung would become the realities of their lives.

You know what?...I believe that is a snapshot of the design of fuller humanity! We sometimes clear the way and spiritually promote an atmosphere...all through agreement with the Holy Spirit...that allows some ministry to the heart.

I'm fully committed to continuing this as a prayer discipline. :)

Oh! Here's the one I've been using lately. :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Revisiting the Year's Theme

I was reviewing old blogs this morning. Yep, at work. Proctoring a college entrance test gives such opportunities...hehe. Anyway, I stumbled across one that reminded me of my theme word for 2015. This year's word..."kingdom".

As I've been considering it, I can see that God definitely has me on a path that wrestles with the notion. I should clarify that "kingdom" is not some "crusades-oriented" concept where the world is forced into a religious observance. It's a lifestyle that pursues the Jesus movement or way...bringing heaven into the realities of daily life.

One challenge I keep stumbling upon relates to empowerment. I have a sense in my heart that it is within reach to live supernaturally. First, I believe we can position our hearts to be so connected to God that we can respond to life around us from deeper, heavenly realities rather than lesser, perceived realities. It can be a discipline to do so, but it can ultimately become the new "natural" for us in a way that unshackles our mind, imagination, emotions, behavior, etc. Second, I ALSO believe we can live in such a way that we surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit and actually position the authority of our humanity to release the power of the Spirit to impact the world for good. So, I keep practicing and practicing...but I've found some challenges. As children of God, I know we have access to the resources of heaven...I just want to see more of them released, and I can't figure out how to be the vessel for that more effectively. I want to see more restoration, freedom, healing, moved mountains... Sigh...I'm still wrestling. :)

The other challenge flies in the face of the trend of our culture towards an independence that isolates. I think "kingdom" really wants to create a culture of investment where people see and believe in the potential in each other (powerful identity and divine destiny) to such a degree that we foster a community that comes along side each other to encourage and challenge "becoming". What a battle though! It seems like people would rather relate to apps on iPhones or live an entitled, "drop in, drop out" mode of existence. That sort of living just doesn't promote an atmosphere of much more is possible. But getting us on board for more...oh dear. I've loved experiencing people who work toward this end...I've even experienced it in church...I just want MORE, MORE, MORE. :)

So...reviewing old blogs. Wow...great reminders to keep on keeping on. Wrestling is beneficial. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No Longer Slaves

I stumbled across this song the other day. Oh so captures my faith journey. Awesome.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Our" Sermon

I get comments frequently about how I "waited" a long time to get married. (I waited or something was wrong with me...ick) Along the way, I definitely felt moments of frustration because I hoped to get married someday...but I absolutely also had moments of blooming where I was planted and getting the most out of life as a fabulous single gal. ;)

And now???....I have zero, zip, nada in the regrets department! "Waiting" or whatever those "get married ASAP" people call it was the BEST thing God could have ever had for me.

Take today. I had to do the sermon at church. It was an assigned topic and I struggled all week to come up with anything creative. It was only after I told Kevin about my struggles...and he started praying...that I began to hear the sermon plan. We mapped it out...every time he prayed, I got another piece of the puzzle. Amazing.

He told me later that it's not just "my" sermon anymore. He gets to partner with me and clear the way sometimes...making it "our" sermon.

Yep...this is what I live with. Pretty sure God's "now" is far better than any desperate "now" we feel. Here's to his timing and good gifts. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Interesting and Challenging Book

Before people on all sides of the issue get their undies in a bunch and make sure they voice their opinions to prove their position on the "right" side...this ain't the place for that. I'm just referring to an interesting book I've been reading. An interesting perspective that will promise to challenge and "ruffle feathers" all over the place. ;) 

“Being forced into the closet is not healthy for those who have chosen to embrace their homosexuality, and it’s not healthy for those of us who have chosen to come out of homosexuality...I believe that loving gay people requires us to fight for their right to live outside the closet without consequence, whether or not we agree with homosexuality.”

The author's personal story is quite interesting as is his ability to be heard through respect for others. 

Blogging Break

I haven't blogged since January!!!! Oh my...that's just terrible. It's been a post-wedding whirlwind with combining households, now dealing with a teenage bonus child in the home, and adjusting to married life!!! I should probably get some counseling. Haha!

Seriously all the adjustments (good's and bad's alike)...I have found God to be so very faithful.

And now that things are settling???...more blogs to come. My heart needs it... :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Soaking in His Presence

I've been sitting in His presence to this song lately. Sitting in a Scripture and then jumping off into more of Him. Enjoy!


More Now?

My brother-in-law (Morlock Photography) is sending me pics from my wedding as he goes through them. He does such an amazing job! The photos are reminding me of so many things from that of which is an interaction with Jesus right before the ceremony began...

I was standing at the top of the aisle with my Dad getting ready to walk down to Kevin, and I had a brief moment of interaction with my Savior. (I know...I'm trying to get married here, Jesus!!! Haha.) For a second, I saw Jesus at the end of the aisle waiting for me to come to Him. A powerfully, beautiful moment!! As I've thought about it further, my mind is drawn to the verses that refer to the church as the bride of Christ with us being more fully united with Him in eternity. Interestingly, though, what pressed upon my heart in that moment was a longing from His heart that said, "How about more (of Him, of intimacy with Him) now?". Now, meaning today...not living with a "later" or "lesser" mentality of experiencing a fullness of relationship with Him.

Well, I'll tell you has me exploring intimacy (greater connectedness) with Him.

It's a fact that we are made for connection with Him. It's a part of our original design...our original glory...redeemed and unleashed by the death and resurrection of Christ. It is also a fact that God wants US to pursue Him...not just waiting for Him to come for us.

So, we can! And we can without the shame of comparison to others and how they experience Him! Freedom to love and be loved, freedom to discover how He has made us to connect with Him, and freedom to explore the many creative methods of relationship that others have found.

Intimacy with Him???...oh, baby! We will grow in our understanding of who He really is. We will, as King David says, discover how we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (powerful identity and destiny). AND...we will find, as the prophet Isaiah says, that nations will be drawn to Him through us.

Sign me up!!! :)

Monday, January 12, 2015


What an interesting quote!! It's becoming a core study for me...greater intimacy with God and all of the implications of such a life. Sometimes God uses lessons from memory (past ways of doing things), but other times He wants us to dream HUGE dreams with Him.

What a life!

2015's Theme Word

Drum it is! For the last few years, God has been giving me a theme word for the new year. It is always an invitation to discover the fuller meanings of the concepts and jump into an adventure of exploring the practical applications in upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Three years ago...the year of "change".
Two years ago...the year of "opportunity".
One year ago...the year of "focus".

And this year...the year of "kingdom".

I'm actually really excited to explore this word. Being a part of the movement of Jesus to bring His beautiful kingdom of grace and love...I'd love the challenge to step into that more.

Here we go!