Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Prayer - Song Style

I'm such a visual person that prayer had to be a bit "amended" for me. Just saying the words without some sort of visualization...ugh, not good. For the way I'm wired, it's so much fuller.

I've had some people on my heart lately, and it has been difficult to find the words or picture to pray. Not because of anything wrong with them or myself...more that the desire I have for them just can't seem to be captured deeply enough with the abilities of my mind.

So, I've been praying with songs. :)

Worship is also a visual experience with me...picturing the words or experience being described in music. Music, of course, has a key to the soul. It seemed natural to place the individuals that are on my heart into the setting of the worship song.

Wow. Powerful.

What has actually been happening is that I've been able to see the Holy Spirit minister in the workings of the prayer-song time right before my imagination's "eyes". I've been able to "agree" in the positioning of my heart that the realities sung would become the realities of their lives.

You know what?...I believe that is a snapshot of the design of fuller humanity! We sometimes clear the way and spiritually promote an atmosphere...all through agreement with the Holy Spirit...that allows some ministry to the heart.

I'm fully committed to continuing this as a prayer discipline. :)

Oh! Here's the one I've been using lately. :)


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