Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Revisiting the Year's Theme

I was reviewing old blogs this morning. Yep, at work. Proctoring a college entrance test gives such opportunities...hehe. Anyway, I stumbled across one that reminded me of my theme word for 2015. This year's word..."kingdom".

As I've been considering it, I can see that God definitely has me on a path that wrestles with the notion. I should clarify that "kingdom" is not some "crusades-oriented" concept where the world is forced into a religious observance. It's a lifestyle that pursues the Jesus movement or way...bringing heaven into the realities of daily life.

One challenge I keep stumbling upon relates to empowerment. I have a sense in my heart that it is within reach to live supernaturally. First, I believe we can position our hearts to be so connected to God that we can respond to life around us from deeper, heavenly realities rather than lesser, perceived realities. It can be a discipline to do so, but it can ultimately become the new "natural" for us in a way that unshackles our mind, imagination, emotions, behavior, etc. Second, I ALSO believe we can live in such a way that we surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit and actually position the authority of our humanity to release the power of the Spirit to impact the world for good. So, I keep practicing and practicing...but I've found some challenges. As children of God, I know we have access to the resources of heaven...I just want to see more of them released, and I can't figure out how to be the vessel for that more effectively. I want to see more restoration, freedom, healing, moved mountains... Sigh...I'm still wrestling. :)

The other challenge flies in the face of the trend of our culture towards an independence that isolates. I think "kingdom" really wants to create a culture of investment where people see and believe in the potential in each other (powerful identity and divine destiny) to such a degree that we foster a community that comes along side each other to encourage and challenge "becoming". What a battle though! It seems like people would rather relate to apps on iPhones or live an entitled, "drop in, drop out" mode of existence. That sort of living just doesn't promote an atmosphere of much more is possible. But getting us on board for more...oh dear. I've loved experiencing people who work toward this end...I've even experienced it in church...I just want MORE, MORE, MORE. :)

So...reviewing old blogs. Wow...great reminders to keep on keeping on. Wrestling is beneficial. :)

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