Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Still Obsessing about God's "Now"

The awesome thing about embracing God's "Now" and waiting until He says it's opposed to being shackled to our need for instant that we embrace a blessing of quality and value instead of safety and smallness. Here's to daring to live in and out of His perspective!! Much, much better! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time for a Change

It hit me like a ton of bricks this much my job feels like I'm fighting against more than for. I concede that there is the possibility that frustration is tainting my perspective, and I plan to pray about that. But, the war that seems so unnecessarily waged is one that is forcing the question of my authentic calling. Maybe this isn't my battle to fight...and if not, what is?

What's the battle, you ask? Standing against something I bump into constantly in the evangelical church...the legalistic, appearance-driven, poser mentality. Let me tell is so very strong...and ACCEPTED...because all the right-looking behavior meets the "rules" of their faith. Unfortunately, it takes a ton of pride, shame and people-eating to maintain.

There are people who are called to actively fight that mentality. I'm just not sure I'm one of them anymore.


I want to fight for something. I want to stand for being a real Abba's child, experiencing intimacy with the Trinity, and bringing real and true kingdom life to this reality. Bringing heaven to earth!!! Relationship and the context of being able to be REAL, which, while exposing struggle, means we also can experience the unleashing of original glory. No manufacturing, no "club".

I seriously think I need a better outlet. What might that be??...maybe I want to work more actively in the realm of the non-denominational church. Seriously praying about a change.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Live in God's "Now"

I'm so aware of the implications of our choice to live in this "now" or in God's. Accessing God's presence and living in the realities of His kingdom life and purposes frees us from the desperation that comes from a life defined solely by the molecules and moments of which we are aware.

I look at my own history and see how my surrendering of my unmet needs to the lesser reality put me in a position of having to manufacture and manipulate to try to achieve whatever "wholeness" I was looking for. Desperation not peace. Hurry and stress not patience. A life very much ruled by the "poser" self...far too limited by diminished perspective. 

Something beautiful happens when we can release our needs to God's "now". He can finally be the true answer to those unmet places...and He can open the floodgates of blessing in His right timing. The blessings might come in different packages or timings than we thought appropriate, but when they come...oh yes, they'll have been well worth the wait. 

Live in God's "Now"...yep, a good reminder to start each day in His reality.