Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christian Elitists SUCK

Sorry...had to say it. When I get mad...well, I get mad. ;)

They don't have to be rich. They don't have to possess certain "this" or "that". They just plain have an attitude that they are pretty much better than others. It goes further than that though...anyone not like them is doing something wrong or is fundamentally deficient. They are unabashedly judgmental people. "Us" vs. "Them".

That's my description of elitists in general. Add them to the body of Christ???...Big Time Suckage.

They sit in their pews, admiring all of their appearances...thanking God that they aren't like "so-and-so". They happily unleash all their "shoulda's" regarding others (in their own church, other churches, the world) to anyone who has an ear, and usually they have no real internal knowledge of the situation to even remotely be an expert. Sadly...they have no real sense of community, no real depth, and no real concept of the grace of God.

As such...they actually don't know "real church".

Supposedly, God wants us to reach out to these people. But how??? Getting through to their arrogant hearts is almost impossible. Hence, the desire...not really there.

I've been around long enough to know that life has a way of eventually crashing in all of our judgmental boxes...but do we really have to wait for their fall of pride in order to get anywhere??????? In the waiting, they'll build more kingdoms to self, spit on anyone not like them, chew up anyone that "sins", and on and on and on. And in the meantime...we will have to bear the world's reaction to them as "Christians", lumping us in with the lot.

Lord, give ME grace. That or an amazing right hook. ;)

**AND...Lord, shake out any elitist in me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Great Article on Chick-fil-A

Interesting article regarding the Chick-fil-A conflict. Honestly, this is a great picture of what "tolerance" can look like. Our cultural has a really immature notion that "tolerance" has to mean complete agreement. It's far too surfacy. We can truly respect each other on deeper levels that don't require "sameness".

Real Tolerance?

Me Without You

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yep...It Was The Plan ALL Along

"Long before he laid down earth’s foundations God had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love to be made whole and holy with his love." (Ephesians 1:4)

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Story Gets BETTER

I've been on a life mission. Seriously, it's so heavy on my heart that I can't help but weave it into everything I speak on lately. The WHOLE Gospel.

Christians have tended to make the cross about sin alone and forget the rest of the story!!! The cross of Christ isn't only about's about releasing true identity and destiny. It's as much for "later" (death, heaven) as it is for "NOW".

Sin isn't simply behavior, and the Gospel isn't simply a behavior modification plan. It's NOT the truest thing about you and me. Unfortunately, it tends to be our chosen "lesser" less than human. Sin is an indicator of broken humanity...a break that pierces to the truest thing about us, our original glory. Yes, it's true! Being made in the image of God, humanity at its core is a beautiful thing. How sad then that we live so broken...continue to break ourselves more...and break others more.

So...if sin is about the deeper, broken humanity more than the surface-behavior, the cross of Christ is about restored humanity. Truly, the blood of Christ is aimed right at the liberation of our original glory. Breaking chains of sin, it is a gate through which healing and wholeness also come. True "becoming"...shalom-peace.

By walking through that gate, we invite the presence of "God With Us" to breathe life to our heart. His presence illuminates the words He wrote on our hearts when He knit us together. The release of true identity and not as a "sinner saved by grace" but as a "child of the good Father". A life infused with divine relationship.

The relationship we are released into as Abba's child, the responsibilities of His kingdom of love that He bestows on us, and the access to all of the resources of's the mysterious and beautiful TRUEST reality. An eternity that makes sense to our hearts once liberated...

THAT'S the story we were meant for. THAT'S what God's heart beckons us toward. A life where we aren't simply doing everything we can to behave and be good people...but one where we are released into our strengths, our giftings, our dreams, our passions, our design. One that lifts others up to the same life. A life that changes the world.

If only we'd choose it!!!...and then offer that Gospel to the world!!!!!!!!


I've always loved this skit. This particular performance was so amazing. LOVE the ending!!!



So...clarification FIRST. ;) I try to be pretty balanced when it comes to some of the expressions of the Holy Spirit that tend to exist in more charismatic or pentacostal churches. The prophetic, speaking in tongues, being "slain in the spirit"...all real and acceptable in my book. Misused by some though. Hence, balance.

As for my experience with them, I've benefited from and have received prophetic "words" or messages before. I ask for confirmations as to their credibility because I know that "words" can be emotionally-driven. God is always faithful to do the sorting. I spoke in tongues as a youngster, but I've not continued that into adulthood. I know people who do so regularly, and I'm fine with that. I have, however, never experienced being "slain" in the spirit.

Until this week... turns out that this experience really isn't mentioned in the Bible. Many have had the experience though. Unfortunately, some "fake" this sort of thing...maybe pressure to perform or serious desire to have it. Hence, my ease with not "needing" it for fullness in my relationship with God.

But Sunday...well, something very strange happened to me. was FANTASTIC!!

I went to the back of the church for prayer during our singing time. Almost instantly, I felt an awesome tingling come in my forehead, go down to my chest and out my back. Everything in me just wanted to follow its movement. Seriously, an awesome sensation. And...peace.

I can't really explain more about it because I have no clue. If it doesn't ever happen again, that's ok. If it does, great! Whatever happened, I knew that I knew that I knew that I felt the presence of the With-God...and loved that my heart wanted nothing more than to follow...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sin Frustration

I think the church has become too "distant" from sin. Either arrogantly "better" or fearfully if we have none...we need to improve. Desperately.

God CAN be around sin. Lordy...Jesus did just that!!! It is sin that distances from God...not God moving away from sin. Yes, God has a love-rage against sin...the kind that demands justice for what has happened to His children...but the Triune revulsion for sin does NOT permit ignites rescue. 


I don't think He has it in mind for those of us who have accepted the rescue to flee from the battle. 

We aren't better.

And...the With-God is greater than any cause for fear.

Obviously...wisdom. There are places of immaturity and struggle that may be unwise to release into some of the messier places until the time is right. BUT...there is a place...HUGE PLACE...for stepping into the world. 

It's where we tend to find Jesus hanging out after all...and where He goes, we go. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be The Hand That Helps

Wow!! How true!! Something I'd like the "church" at-large to remember again...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Powerful!! Must watch all the way through!!! Then stop...and consider what choices (with the good Father) need to be made today!!

How Great Is Our God

My students asked to see this the other day. I find it's good to review from time to time because of all of the wonderful reminders for the heart. Science is wonder for me...lets me see the fingerprints of God all over the place. To then take those wonders and bring the message of them into my "now"...really powerful. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shots...Here We Go!

I think I've mentioned that I'm going to Rwanda this summer with Our Response. After seeing the kiddos from the Asante Children's Choir, I'm getting more excited!!! to Africa means SHOTS.

Of course, I should add that I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so seeing the list of disease/illness possibilities has been an "experience". Haha! Reading a directive from the CDC to avoid prolonged stays in caves because bats can carry a form of hemorrhagic fever (i.e. Ebola)...ya, that was fun. ;) Blech...what's adventure without a little risk? Not stopping this girl!!! And besides...I'm pretty sure our trip doesn't involve a great deal of of yet anyway. Hehe.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Asante Children's Choir

Wow...what a fantastic weekend! It was the annual celebration for Our Response, a local organization that has adopted a community in Rwanda to help them become self-sustaining. The celebration was graced with the presence of these children. So beautiful! Honestly, it was a fantastic reminder that God so loves the world. Time to get on board with true human change the world!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


If there's one thing God has been reminding me of lately, it's that He is faithful. Faithful in all of the ways we use that word and beyond. I've been realizing this in such an experiential way, and I feel so blessed. Not alone, not abandoned...completely surrounded with Love.

One of the most profound things about experiencing the person of God is how He draws us, beckons us, to let His character flow out of us. Share it. I've had the desire to pause and consider how I can be faithful like Him. To view others with sweetness, kindness, honor...and act accordingly. Because of His faithfulness to me, I don't need to fear all of the potentials that exist with others. His faithfulness to me can be enough. More than enough. And He can unleash faithfulness in me because of it.

He's beyond my wildest dreams.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Special Than Ever

Oh my!! This is SO true!!! Something needs to be done about it!! It's tragic to release kids into the real world with a narcissistic identity....and a lack of skill to match!! Unfortunately, it's a cultural problem. Societal, parental...yikes. We've so lost our understanding of true self-worth. Sad, sad, sad.

More Special Than Ever

Monday, January 7, 2013

In The Face Of Intimidation

"Yep, I'm a secondary principal and I speak at church sometimes. I'd love to speak and write someday."

Sigh...with some men...those words are a relational death sentence. It's one of the weirdest challenges I face when it comes to dating. So strange because in my mind and heart I KNOW there's no "better than you" in my perspective of others. I run into it on occasion though...this bizarre intimidation.

The facts that I like some of the things I like and do some of the things I do...whoo, they can't deal with it. It's like my pursuits somehow say something about their deficiency. NOT from my mouth or actions in the least!! I just plain love whatever each person's design is (their passion, their calling, their whatever!!!) and know there's no "more" or "less" in God's view. Each has strengths...each is a blessing!!

I used to think I had to change for help them accept me or feel better about themselves. I don't do that anymore. They need to find their true strength apart from my fading back into shadow.

There are men out there who love a "becoming" woman by the way. From the platonic or familial to the romantic, they are so refreshing to be around!! My Dad (and my Mom) raised me to be independent and to this day invests in me so I'll keep on developing. I'm so grateful. And, it was my ragamuffin pastor that called me out of a "wallflower" position and encouraged me to step onto the grand dance floor of Life. I've always cherished the invitation.

So...for you single gals...keep on becoming!! If there's a Mr. Right in your life story, he'll love you for who you truly are! Why would you want less???? And...for all the ladies...there's a lover beyond any earthly man that wants to unleash your true beauty. His name is Jesus, and He's really good at loving us to Life!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why Calvinism Makes Me Cry

"...our loudest protests and most passionate tirades tend to reflect our insecurities rather than our convictions." Rachel Held Evans

I don't love everything by this author, but this blog post was very interesting to me. Food for thought!! 

Why Calvinism Makes Me Cry

Strong Young Woman

Hey, Ladies!! Don't take your freedom in Christ for granted. Jesus loves the ladies just as much as the gents. :)

Strong Young Woman

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

I love, love, LOVE this!!!! First, have you seen this guy before?? He does these awesome videos of himself doing a jig at cool locations all over the world. So funny. My grander reason (sorry to spiritualize everything. Haha!!) is this...God loves the whole world!!!! Between giggles, I kept tearing up because...well...God's not an American!!! He's a bigger kingdom kinda God, and I'm SO glad He is!!! Oh, how His heart beats with profound love for ALL. there!...found an eternal message in it. Hehe. You'll be ok. ;)

Enjoy!!! :)


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So...YES!..this song sums it up. There were some real gentlemen in the mix...but it seems like last year was a parade of...grr...shmucks. Yep...users, players...basically, guys who don't know how to be men. Sigh. 

Here's to finding a heart man someday. I won't care even an iota what he does or how much $ he makes. Just that he's a wild but good heart man. Yep...dreaming the dream.


The People of the Impossible

One of the things that worries me as the church (universal) moves into this new year is its amnesia regarding the nature of God.

Specifically...that He's the God of the Impossible.

A frustrating battle of the American church has been its susceptibility to the moves of our culture. Thus, we've seen the impact of cultural legalism and appearances in the church (the "keep up with the Jones" crap) and the wave of consumerism and entitlement (yay, for the boomers and their spoiled-rotten children) goes on and on and on. And now...I'm concerned about a wave of depression...specifically with the "olders".

There are great challenges on the horizon. Gotta have your head in the sand to not see that. But those trials don't need to have any impact on the heart's hope. Not if that hope is in the right place.

Some, though, already are choosing a spiritual sort of depression. Doomsdayers, they choose to set their focus on what they are or could be losing (things they've wrongly placed their hopes in) and completely miss what God sees.

Opportunity. Possibility. HOPE.

Come what may, a child of God can never forget who the Source is. The God of the Impossible. And as His children, we cannot forget who He's made US to be in all situations. The People of the Impossible.

There's so much He has equipped us to bring if we are willing to keep our hearts on straight (heads too).

Boy, I hope those who have caved to the weight of their woes can process it with Him soon. Truly grieve so they can find their First Love again. Otherwise, I'm not sure they will be able to bring the impossible. They'll miss the joy of the Lord...the peace, the the midst of whatever circumstance...and likely will add to the sadness.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Was Here

Oh my goodness, I love this song!!! Living with a sense of leaving your mark. Wow. Couldn't love it more. Well...except one thing. One of the lines talks about doing "everything I wanted". For me, those words have to mean more than a self-focused mode of living. By the time I die, I want to have done everything that was written on my heart when I was formed. To me...that would be the fullest and most authentic human story...a life that brings the weight of our that REALLY says, "I was here!".