Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The People of the Impossible

One of the things that worries me as the church (universal) moves into this new year is its amnesia regarding the nature of God.

Specifically...that He's the God of the Impossible.

A frustrating battle of the American church has been its susceptibility to the moves of our culture. Thus, we've seen the impact of cultural legalism and appearances in the church (the "keep up with the Jones" crap) and the wave of consumerism and entitlement (yay, for the boomers and their spoiled-rotten children) goes on and on and on. And now...I'm concerned about a wave of depression...specifically with the "olders".

There are great challenges on the horizon. Gotta have your head in the sand to not see that. But those trials don't need to have any impact on the heart's hope. Not if that hope is in the right place.

Some, though, already are choosing a spiritual sort of depression. Doomsdayers, they choose to set their focus on what they are or could be losing (things they've wrongly placed their hopes in) and completely miss what God sees.

Opportunity. Possibility. HOPE.

Come what may, a child of God can never forget who the Source is. The God of the Impossible. And as His children, we cannot forget who He's made US to be in all situations. The People of the Impossible.

There's so much He has equipped us to bring if we are willing to keep our hearts on straight (heads too).

Boy, I hope those who have caved to the weight of their woes can process it with Him soon. Truly grieve so they can find their First Love again. Otherwise, I'm not sure they will be able to bring the impossible. They'll miss the joy of the Lord...the peace, the the midst of whatever circumstance...and likely will add to the sadness.

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