Monday, January 28, 2013

The Story Gets BETTER

I've been on a life mission. Seriously, it's so heavy on my heart that I can't help but weave it into everything I speak on lately. The WHOLE Gospel.

Christians have tended to make the cross about sin alone and forget the rest of the story!!! The cross of Christ isn't only about's about releasing true identity and destiny. It's as much for "later" (death, heaven) as it is for "NOW".

Sin isn't simply behavior, and the Gospel isn't simply a behavior modification plan. It's NOT the truest thing about you and me. Unfortunately, it tends to be our chosen "lesser" less than human. Sin is an indicator of broken humanity...a break that pierces to the truest thing about us, our original glory. Yes, it's true! Being made in the image of God, humanity at its core is a beautiful thing. How sad then that we live so broken...continue to break ourselves more...and break others more.

So...if sin is about the deeper, broken humanity more than the surface-behavior, the cross of Christ is about restored humanity. Truly, the blood of Christ is aimed right at the liberation of our original glory. Breaking chains of sin, it is a gate through which healing and wholeness also come. True "becoming"...shalom-peace.

By walking through that gate, we invite the presence of "God With Us" to breathe life to our heart. His presence illuminates the words He wrote on our hearts when He knit us together. The release of true identity and not as a "sinner saved by grace" but as a "child of the good Father". A life infused with divine relationship.

The relationship we are released into as Abba's child, the responsibilities of His kingdom of love that He bestows on us, and the access to all of the resources of's the mysterious and beautiful TRUEST reality. An eternity that makes sense to our hearts once liberated...

THAT'S the story we were meant for. THAT'S what God's heart beckons us toward. A life where we aren't simply doing everything we can to behave and be good people...but one where we are released into our strengths, our giftings, our dreams, our passions, our design. One that lifts others up to the same life. A life that changes the world.

If only we'd choose it!!!...and then offer that Gospel to the world!!!!!!!!

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