Monday, January 7, 2013

In The Face Of Intimidation

"Yep, I'm a secondary principal and I speak at church sometimes. I'd love to speak and write someday."

Sigh...with some men...those words are a relational death sentence. It's one of the weirdest challenges I face when it comes to dating. So strange because in my mind and heart I KNOW there's no "better than you" in my perspective of others. I run into it on occasion though...this bizarre intimidation.

The facts that I like some of the things I like and do some of the things I do...whoo, they can't deal with it. It's like my pursuits somehow say something about their deficiency. NOT from my mouth or actions in the least!! I just plain love whatever each person's design is (their passion, their calling, their whatever!!!) and know there's no "more" or "less" in God's view. Each has strengths...each is a blessing!!

I used to think I had to change for help them accept me or feel better about themselves. I don't do that anymore. They need to find their true strength apart from my fading back into shadow.

There are men out there who love a "becoming" woman by the way. From the platonic or familial to the romantic, they are so refreshing to be around!! My Dad (and my Mom) raised me to be independent and to this day invests in me so I'll keep on developing. I'm so grateful. And, it was my ragamuffin pastor that called me out of a "wallflower" position and encouraged me to step onto the grand dance floor of Life. I've always cherished the invitation.

So...for you single gals...keep on becoming!! If there's a Mr. Right in your life story, he'll love you for who you truly are! Why would you want less???? And...for all the ladies...there's a lover beyond any earthly man that wants to unleash your true beauty. His name is Jesus, and He's really good at loving us to Life!!

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