Wednesday, January 9, 2013


If there's one thing God has been reminding me of lately, it's that He is faithful. Faithful in all of the ways we use that word and beyond. I've been realizing this in such an experiential way, and I feel so blessed. Not alone, not abandoned...completely surrounded with Love.

One of the most profound things about experiencing the person of God is how He draws us, beckons us, to let His character flow out of us. Share it. I've had the desire to pause and consider how I can be faithful like Him. To view others with sweetness, kindness, honor...and act accordingly. Because of His faithfulness to me, I don't need to fear all of the potentials that exist with others. His faithfulness to me can be enough. More than enough. And He can unleash faithfulness in me because of it.

He's beyond my wildest dreams.

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