Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christian Elitists SUCK

Sorry...had to say it. When I get mad...well, I get mad. ;)

They don't have to be rich. They don't have to possess certain "this" or "that". They just plain have an attitude that they are pretty much better than others. It goes further than that though...anyone not like them is doing something wrong or is fundamentally deficient. They are unabashedly judgmental people. "Us" vs. "Them".

That's my description of elitists in general. Add them to the body of Christ???...Big Time Suckage.

They sit in their pews, admiring all of their appearances...thanking God that they aren't like "so-and-so". They happily unleash all their "shoulda's" regarding others (in their own church, other churches, the world) to anyone who has an ear, and usually they have no real internal knowledge of the situation to even remotely be an expert. Sadly...they have no real sense of community, no real depth, and no real concept of the grace of God.

As such...they actually don't know "real church".

Supposedly, God wants us to reach out to these people. But how??? Getting through to their arrogant hearts is almost impossible. Hence, the desire...not really there.

I've been around long enough to know that life has a way of eventually crashing in all of our judgmental boxes...but do we really have to wait for their fall of pride in order to get anywhere??????? In the waiting, they'll build more kingdoms to self, spit on anyone not like them, chew up anyone that "sins", and on and on and on. And in the meantime...we will have to bear the world's reaction to them as "Christians", lumping us in with the lot.

Lord, give ME grace. That or an amazing right hook. ;)

**AND...Lord, shake out any elitist in me.

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