Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sin Frustration

I think the church has become too "distant" from sin. Either arrogantly "better" or fearfully if we have none...we need to improve. Desperately.

God CAN be around sin. Lordy...Jesus did just that!!! It is sin that distances from God...not God moving away from sin. Yes, God has a love-rage against sin...the kind that demands justice for what has happened to His children...but the Triune revulsion for sin does NOT permit ignites rescue. 


I don't think He has it in mind for those of us who have accepted the rescue to flee from the battle. 

We aren't better.

And...the With-God is greater than any cause for fear.

Obviously...wisdom. There are places of immaturity and struggle that may be unwise to release into some of the messier places until the time is right. BUT...there is a place...HUGE PLACE...for stepping into the world. 

It's where we tend to find Jesus hanging out after all...and where He goes, we go. 

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