Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Our" Sermon

I get comments frequently about how I "waited" a long time to get married. (I waited or something was wrong with me...ick) Along the way, I definitely felt moments of frustration because I hoped to get married someday...but I absolutely also had moments of blooming where I was planted and getting the most out of life as a fabulous single gal. ;)

And now???....I have zero, zip, nada in the regrets department! "Waiting" or whatever those "get married ASAP" people call it was the BEST thing God could have ever had for me.

Take today. I had to do the sermon at church. It was an assigned topic and I struggled all week to come up with anything creative. It was only after I told Kevin about my struggles...and he started praying...that I began to hear the sermon plan. We mapped it out...every time he prayed, I got another piece of the puzzle. Amazing.

He told me later that it's not just "my" sermon anymore. He gets to partner with me and clear the way sometimes...making it "our" sermon.

Yep...this is what I live with. Pretty sure God's "now" is far better than any desperate "now" we feel. Here's to his timing and good gifts. :)

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Steve Newton said...

You each represent an amazing gift to one another. God's timing is indeed perfect.