Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guy Vs. Man

Oh, Baby! If there's one thing I can barely contain myself's meeting a real-live, "package deal" man. In this adolescent, entitled's not a common thing. Not impossible...just somewhat of an infrequent occurrence. A man who's not afraid to be a man...who doesn't need to be a "guy"...who knows the value of a woman...and knows it without having his own sense of worth threatened.

A "guy"...I'm just not into that. Not for relationships. For fun??...sometimes...although given enough alcohol, I find them to be...sigh...smaller and shallower than a man is destined to be. Truthfully, I feel bad for them...because they seem to lack a sense of self, of strength, of mission, of adventure... As such, they seem to live in lesser, safer stories that enable their insecurities instead of challenge them to grow up. And sadly, they seem to only be able to relate to women (and define themselves)...sexually. For's his strength and ours.

But a man...commence fanning self. Even if he's not sure of his course, he has a solidity. A depth. A strength. A daring. He is honoring of others...not full of propriety...just definitely not using. He can reveal his whole self if he wants hiding, no compensating. Even if it's displaying a weakness...his willingness to be humbly real is actually indicative of strength.

And calls to the heart to rise to a more powerful way of living.

Whoo...that's a man for ya.

Not perfect, not "you complete me"...just deep and real.

Just a sighting gives me hope for humanity... :)

** And I get it...we are all "in the making". It's just nice to see that things don't always have to stay the same. More is real and possible...for us all!

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