Monday, March 31, 2014

Lessons from the Little Man and Jesus

I did a teaching on Zacchaeus and Jesus on Sunday. I'll tell you...the love of Jesus is just rocking my socks off lately. So uncharacteristic of much of the church today, He was willing to shatter his reputation to "seek and save the lost". He pursued people...didn't wait for them to clean themselves up first. Some in the church today forget the beauty of grace and sharing His love. They choose to use the armor of God to abuse. Rather than making a way for the King to come, they beat people with their belt of truth or helmet of salvation or breastplate of righteousness...sigh. How sad...because those articles are meant for the defense of their own heart as they bring the beautiful "good news". There is so much more for us in living out His kingdom life.

Here are two clips I used. The first is Bill Johnson from Bethel Church. He raises such an interesting that challenges us all to live bigger. The second is Annie Lobert from Hookers for Jesus. She pursues women trapped in prostitution and the sex trade because His love is worth way more than anything else. So beautiful.


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