Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Yep...it's official! This girl is ENGAGED!!! Here's our story...hot off the presses from our webpage on theknot.com :)

First of all, let me begin by stating a fact. Kevin has always been good at pulling the wool over my eyes. Some call it "lying". Others call it "deceptive". Hahahaha. Whatever it is...he has a lot of fun at my expense. (And I fully intend to make him pay...Hehe.)
A month before he asked, we had this discussion about how we didn't need to rush into marriage and that it was okay to even wait up to two years. Of course, this was a part of his master plan, so engagement wasn't even on my horizon. Sneaky.
Because it was Rachel's birthday (Kevin's daughter), he decided to take her on a trip up to Duluth, and they invited me along. He reserved a suite right on the harbor...literally feet away from the water. We had dinner and opened her gifts. It was a perfect night. 
I should add that Kevin somehow contracted food poisoning or a flu bug along the way. He was definitely not well, but he was determined to proceed with the birthday celebration. I'm not sure this was a part of his deceptive master plan, but it certainly contributed to my impression that nothing else was going on.
When we all woke up in the morning, Kevin told us that he was feeling worse. I said that we should just go home, but he was adamant that we would proceed. So we packed up and headed further north to Gooseberry Falls. Here's where I should have picked up on something...it's been a special place for us and is where I first realized I loved him...but I still had no suspicions.
When we got up there, Rachel and I decided to try geocaching. We planted Kevin on a bench and took off. Patient man. Then we all went to see the falls. It was so beautiful.
Rachel suggested we go down to the shore of Lake Superior, so we piled in the truck and drove down. Right away, I was looking on my phone for nearby geocaches, and we started looking for one. After a while, Kevin asked if we could go over to a particular bench and sit for a while. We walked over there, and I sat down. No one else did...
"So...celebrating Rachel's birthday isn't the only plan for this trip." (He puts his hand in his pocket, and Rachel starts backing up holding her cell phone to take pictures...)
I was so shocked that I must admit I started saying things like..."What?", "NO! NO WAY!!! Hell No!!"...poor Kevin. ;) What can I say though? He tricked me. ;) 
I think he thought my shocked statements might mean I'd actually say "No", so he would want me to add that he promptly forgot his original speech. Hehe. What he said was perfect though. He said he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. 
And after all the shock and confusion...I burst out bawling.
Oh...and I said "Yes". 
I have to say that it was so perfect that Rachel was there too. She kept that secret for a long time, and she actually helped pick out the ring. So special. :)

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Amy said...

Awwwwww! What a lovely story! So fun...just perfect for you!