Monday, October 6, 2014

Wait for Blessing

I'll tell you what...there are moments in my life when it profoundly dawns on me that the times of waiting were well worth it. Case in Mr. Right. :)

I know, I know...neither of us is perfect, and we will have our up's and down's...but in the entire scheme of things, he is one of the biggest miracles of my life.

On Friday, he asked me to meet him at Caribou at a certain time. When I arrived, there he was with a rose. The reason??? was the anniversary of our very first date. ( to me, it was our first interview. Haha!) Yes, he is so very sweet and romantic.

And then on Sunday, it was my turn to do the sermon at church. When I got done, he leaned over and encouraged me so much. He feels that one of his callings is to help release me in what I'm made for. What a huge blessing!!! (I'm gonna do the same for him.) :)

I don't has me thinking. Sometimes, we make terrible decisions in our dissatisfaction with waiting. The delay of desire can become so uncomfortable that we manipulate and manufacture to make things happen a bit faster. Oh my...potentially a HUGE disaster!! But waiting for His good time...while difficult...really is the best choice. His plans are so much better than we could ever dream up. Well worth the wait. :)

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Nick and Kassie Mayo said...

I loved reading this because you sound so....positive and happy! Wishing you the very best!