Monday, April 11, 2016

My Personal Hedgehog...

I met with a pastor a couple of weeks ago for a bit of orientation before a speaking engagement in his church. In the process of discussion about the vision of their church and how they identify their decision-making parameters, I found myself taking notes for myself! I know it comes from business resources to guide companies in their decisions, but the Hedgehog Concept really spoke to me (book "Good to Great"). Of course, I can't completely apply the business model to myself or even a church/ministry, but it can give me great suggestions for how I could decide my involvements in the future.

Looking for the "sweet spot"...

So the Hedgehog for me is defined as three of my greatest passions/values that tend to pull me towards action. According to the concept, where those three intersect are activities in which I should invest my time and energy.

My three core values??? Here goes...

First, relationship. For me this includes what fosters greater encounter with the Divine and creates opportunities for community with others.

Second, empowerment. This would include whatever allows transformation and release into authentic identity and destiny.

Third, ownership. Because nothing should just feed the self, this value would include what encourages people to invest, serve or be generous.

Maybe it's simple to others, but I've needed a bit of guidance on how to make some decisions regarding what I invest in (and potential career or ministry focus changes). It's been a bit of a lifesaver.

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