Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Little Get-Away

Well, my month of vacation is officially over on Monday. Sigh. The instant I realized it, a bit of a depression set in. :( The educational world just isn't what it used to be for me...or maybe the entitlement attitude of parents has just taken enough toll now. Some grief settled in with how much life has had to change over the last year too. Yep, I just sank for a while there. 

Happily, though, my sis and I had planned a little get-away with some biking mixed in. Yep, it ended up being a great time of free space to be real about everything and just relax and have fun. Gosh, I love that girl. :) 

Having a moment of free space without the pressure that my heavy heart might bring others down or add fuel to another's issues was so freeing. It wasn't a time to be a burden, but it was a time to briefly unburden...and gain some new vision!!! Yep!!!'s what rest does for the heart. 

So...still not completely excited about work again...but feeling a bit less burdened and refreshed. 

For this's key to living. :) 

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Nick and Kassie Mayo said...

This post hits home as I am about to embark on my 10 year of teaching! Enjoy breaks when you can and remember, the minute you see your students-it's all worth it!