Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reaching Up, Reaching Out

What a fantastic day!!!

It's no secret how much my venture into being an Abba's child has so profoundly altered how I look at others...at life. A growing sense of identity as a child of the good Father from a ever-growing relationship with Him is igniting a sense of mission...a call to make a difference...in bringing the goodness of His kingdom. I'm SO HUNGRY to find opportunities to inspire, invest, impact...however possible.

Yep...my life has changed!

Well...what an awesome opportunity today was to use the few muscles I have (don't laugh) and partner with my church community to help Good in the Hood with their food distribution day. A focused act of kindness to serve the hungry. We sorted, we stacked, we hauled, we bagged, we served...we delighted, we invested...we grew.

The sadness, of course, is seeing people impacted by poverty and hunger. Breaks my heart. The beauty, though, is knowing that today we were a part of being God's miracle for those very people through service. Fills my heart.

Yep...I'm a believer...and I'm convinced...WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! :)

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Nick and Kassie Mayo said...

LOVE this outlook! Too many people are negative about impact, this seriously made my heart leap!