Friday, July 18, 2014

Anchored in His Goodness

The day of great anticipation arrived...the day to try on dresses for the December wedding. I can't tell you the anxiety I've been feeling. Tall girls have quirky bodies to slap a bunch of white on (the "big" color) and a bunch of pouf. I had no idea if they'd even be able to fit me...and these very expensive legs. ;)

Stress....oh, the stress.

But I was so challenged by a quote that came across my Facebook feed that encouraged people to be anchored in God's goodness. To not would be to lower our theology to the level of our pain or wound.

Letting ourselves be consumed by worry...needing to control as much as possible.

No trust. No relaxing into His embrace.

So, I have been trying to slow down and rest in His goodness when the anxiety strikes. It's been difficult, but it's been possible.

The dress appointment went well. It was very emotional...quite a roller coaster actually...but in the end God's goodness was dancing all over the circumstance.

He's so very faithful. :)

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