Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Desire: To Despair or Really Live

My brain has been churning on the topic of desire lately. Something very beautiful about humanity actually. What would we be without our passion and longing? Less than human for sure.

We all live with some unmet desires though. And that...well, that can be a major problem. Sadly, it can be a challenge to live...truly live...with unmet desire and so we can tend to put that desire to sleep within. The tragedy, though, is that doing so puts parts of our hearts to sleep too. So sad. If we don't kill the desire, we can choose to live out of a kind of despair over the desire. Depression entwined with manipulation and manufacturing...all to force the desire. Unfortunately...it tends to create facades of living or a desperation that actually robs us of life. Life lost to despair.

Actually living...enjoying a quality of life right alongside the "realness" of unmet desire...now that's gutsy. Courageous really. Not that I'm an expert remotely, but I've found...in baby steps...that embracing the goodness of God enables such a life. I don't mean an intellectual assent to "goodness"...I mean a heart reality where we can delight in who He is as a good Father and really wrestle with our longing in His presence. We can enjoy the safety of harbor in His presence (rest, comfort, direction) and see the goodness of His gifts in His timing (living in His "now" as opposed to our sense of the immediate).

We aren't meant to live with a sleeping heart or a despairing one. That means God has actually made it possible to live fully regardless of circumstances.

It has me praying lately. I understand the longing...so sad to see people give up... :(

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