Thursday, September 11, 2014

Enlightenment and...Arrogance?

I was talking to a lady yesterday. She was troubled by some friends who've become so very arrogant in a new-found state of spiritual enlightenment. (In this case the enlightenment has been to give up faith for atheism, but I've seen the same response from some people who are declare enlightenment in their faith as well.)

My issue...shouldn't we have an expectation of "enlightenment" that such breakthroughs would cause a more beautiful state of humanity??? Humility, selflessness, compassion, altruism...??? I guess that would be my "proof" of sorts that would give weight to someone's liberty of thought.

But...umm...when the paradigm shift permits arrogance, selfishness, belittling, small living...well...I just don't give it much validity. Confidence is a good thing. True strength is a good thing. Being a selfish not.

The whole conversation just has me thinking. Considering shifts I've felt are "enlightenment" or "awakening"...and hoping they've been most truly liberating and releasing in my life. The kind that creates more authentic identity and destiny, more positive impact and inspiration in the world around me...more loving and living outward.


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