Friday, May 27, 2016

Moving on...

Well, it's official! I am giving up my administrative responsibilities at school to be a classroom teacher. The main reason is that it will free me up to pursue some other ministry opportunities outside of school.

I'm so excited.


I'm feeling some grief.

Yep, it's a strange conglomeration of emotion.

Letting things go...even if they've been a major pain the arse for years...can be a challenge. I'm feeling a bit angry for the burn-out I'm feeling. (I think I've felt a bit used in the position for a long, long time.) I'm also feeling some fear about letting it go without knowing if someone will continue to take care of what I've built or stewarded. It's so difficult to risk that it could be altered negatively.

So, I have some processing and releasing to do. Definitely a "must do"...because I don't want the things I'm pursuing to be limited by what needs to be moved to "yesterday".

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