Thursday, June 30, 2016

Millennial Education

Millennials. Oh my. I love how creative and technologically savvy they are. I love their compassion and how much they love community service. I love how much they prefer "real" to "fake".

And...I can't stand how self-focused they are. (Granted, exceptions exist.)

Oh my gosh. Sometimes I just want to beat my head against a wall.

And their parents???...not always the cause, but certainly a contributing factor if they aren't intentional. Don't get me started on that... ;)

I feel it is becoming necessary to start to have some incredibly candid, "educational" conversations with the youngsters, especially those on the other side of the diploma. Why?...because the self-centeredness is so thick (and enabled) that it may just need a bulldozer to even dent.

Their notion of how they are perceived by others is so inaccurate. They've been given trophies for just showing up to life, and any constructive criticism has been eliminated because it might make them "feel bad". So, they have no clue that their narcissistic actions are actually communicating an entirely different persona than their "I'm so special" identity. Namely, this: they don't know they are viewed as arrogantly ignorant @$$holes. (Apologies for the "french"...)

Sorry, but it's true.

"I just don't feel like getting a job." or "I just don't feel like doing THAT for a's beneath me." How are they viewed???...yep, as users, leeches, bums, stuck-up babies.

"I don't feel like going to that event I committed to or showing up to work." Yep...irresponsible, disrespectful, untrustworthy.

"Adults have no clue. They are so out-of-date." Yep...clueless, ignorant, naive.

"I should be able to complete this on my own time table. They just don't understand I have more important things to do." Yep...selfish, insensitive, incompetent.

You might think it's mean, but how much more cruel is it to release them into life with a complete delusion about their behavior??? They need to know that "cause and effect" is a real thing...and a real thing that will come back to haunt them some day.

When we only see "self" at the expense of others, there are consequences.

Here's to moving from @$$holes to legitimate contributors...sigh.

(Aaaand...venting done...for today...Haha!)

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