Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Had My Fill of Elitists

Oh my...

It's so true. I've reached my absolute limit.

Elitists. The people that view themselves as...elevated, superior, better, greater, distinguished...because of money, intellect, talent, status, performance, beliefs, etc. They can fly solo if they want, but they usually are found in rabid packs flexing their muscles of prowess.

Cross them???...Watch out! Your destruction and demise are "Priority #1". No time for "full stories", "agree to disagree" or compromise of any sort, being on the perceived opposite side will elicit a head-hunting of gargantuan proportions. Everybody, RUN!!!

I just don't have the patience or heart to deal with them anymore. Watching how they consume perceived opposition like a pack of has utterly broken my heart. So, so, so very wrong.

So...what to do? I have no clue. Typically, I'd spend time asking God to give me His heart for give me love. But right now...I'm so tapped out...just so done. Sigh. I do know I don't want to ironically become like "them"...elitist in regards to my distaste for elitists...but that's about all I know.

So, Jesus, have your way. I don't have it in me, so have at it. :)

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