Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kiddo Retreat

I'm heading off soon for my students' winter retreat. They left yesterday for the winter camping part...two nights sleeping in a snow bank. Haha!...glad I'm not on that part. ;) After their HUGE accomplishment of survival (hehe), I'll be meeting them at a rustic camp where we will spend some time talking about Jesus, playing games and eating lots of awesome food! Umm...I should mention, however, that this camp is NOT my idea of complete fun. Not only do I have to pee in an outhouse while it is in the single digits for temperatures, but I have to "shower" using a sauna and a barrel of lake water. What the??? Come on, people!!! Oh well...I'm still bringing my feminine flare, including some ravishingly hot pink toenails and fun spa stuff for the girlies in my cabin.'s how I roll...even in ridiculous conditions. ;)

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