Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year's Declaration

I spent New Year's Day morning in church. What a great way to start the year, by the way!! With people that encourage me and challenge me...people who know my heart. One of the songs we sang in the worship portion was "Your Great Name" (posted below) which ends with a repitition of many of the names for God. Well, it got me thinking about God and His His names are His very essence, something we can run to, stand in and on...amazing. It also reminded me how much we live with a cognitive appreciation for God's names but in the desperate moment very little trust in Him and His identity...His heart towards us and in the situations we face every day. New Year's Declaration.

Much of the power (or failure) of humanity rests in our agreements. Our choices/actions...what we align ourselves with...bring so much life (or destruction) to the world around us. So what would happen if my year began with a conscious agreement to rest in the names of God? Perhaps a particular one or few that are a struggle for me? I suspect I would see miracles on a scale I cannot begin to of which would be feeling less alone in those areas that I currently don't entrust to His identity.

So...there it is. I'm making a New Year's Declaration over the plans, opportunities and challenges of this year to remember and to dare to enter into the reality of His name. One of particular interest is "Prince of Peace". His "peace" (shalom) means a call to, so much bigger than I have known.

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