Sunday, October 14, 2012

For the Women

Well...what a season it has been! Since the completion of my thesis, I have felt freedom to start looking at my dreams...some God-sized and God-partnered exploration.

The theme lately seems to be a heart for women's issues. Really the suffering of women has been a heartbreak of mine since I can it's not surprising. The confirmations, though, have most definitely reconnected me with that concern. Those included viewing two movies, "Half the Sky" and "Nefarious: Merchant of Souls", going to a benefit gala for The Refuge, a shelter for victims of domestic violence, participating in the Trek Bike Ride for breast cancer research, and arranging guests for an upcoming fundraiser for our local Pregnancy Resource Center. I don't know that I will work with some of the specific causes highlighted by those events, but my compassion for women and overwhelming desire for them to know their God-given worth are most definitely at the top of my Life Passion list.

Here's to more dreaming!!...and serving accordingly!

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