Monday, November 25, 2013

Closing Those Doors

I'm not one of those people that likes to stay in a constant place of looking into the past. I used to do that a ton, but I've found that God is way better at revealing things from before in just the right time for His perfect healing. Ever the Gentleman. I'm certainly not denying their existence...Lord, I see the damage from that perspective all the time in the lives of great people who live less because of it. Just doesn't work. What I'm saying is...I'm not a wound hunter. Instead I've decided to take the posture of obedience when God reveals those things and spend the rest of my time allowing Him to release me into the beauty He's created me to be.

So...lately...God's been beckoning me into a season of looking back and allowing closure.

The clue God's been giving me that it's time??? the face of unfathomable honor from someone, I find myself grieving moments from my past where I was not treated honorably. Guy vs. Man. The grief means some doors are still open...and God's getting ready to help me close them.

Terrifying and exciting at the same time.

So...just a reminder that God is both wild and good. He has a ferocious anger for the pain of His children and the gentle goodness to walk us back to painful places to breathe His healing out. He fills in broken places so our forward movement into greater strength is unhindered.

If He gives you the invitation...take it. :)

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