Monday, November 11, 2013

Guess Who's in the Seat of Honor?

I was so struck by something in Growth Group on Sunday. November is our "Spotlight on Service" month...encouraging a life of intentional honor and kindness. The discussion, which highlighted Jesus washing the disciples' feet, began with setting up the scene. The way the story was written indicates where some of the people were sitting.

John on Jesus' right as the was customary for a close friend to sit nearest the door in case of attack. 

And on Jesus' left, a person deserving of honor...Judas.

I find that SO VERY fascinating!!

Jesus actually placed Judas, the one He knew would betray Him, in the seat of honor. Even in the face of impending injustice, Jesus chose honor. I'm so...awed.

It's a good challenge for me. I don't always react so the face of betrayal. But, Jesus did...and makes it possible for us to do the same. 

AND...when we are the betrayers, the bringers of pain and suffering...Jesus would place each of us in the seat of honor too. That makes me come undone. 


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