Monday, May 19, 2014

Growing in Patience

Super interesting experience last week. I ended up posting something that provoked a little bit. It wasn't provocative to me but pushed some buttons for another.

**I should add that things that provoke thought don't really rock me too much...but maybe that's just me. I like to have something to think about...a challenge. That's why I've loved reading things by Rob Bell, Greg Boyd, Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke, etc. They offer great challenge. It doesn't mean I have to agree...although sometimes I do. Mostly it's a great sharpening exercise.

One of my friends emailed me what she thought about it which I greatly appreciated. The other responder, though, wanted to argue about it and by the end was arguing points I made at the onset as though they were still against me. I was so confused by it and as to why it was a big deal in the first place, but I was also noticing a little irritation and wanted to try to respond I did a little research...and some contemplating.

So...I'm a bit of a mystic. I've talked about that before. I believe it is not only possible but desired by the Trinity that we can experience a living and active relationship with God today. I believe in the gift of the Holy Spirit and the release of greater power and destiny because of that gift. I believe in the need for balance so as to not become so experiential that grounding in truth is negated, but nevertheless I believe the Holy Spirit is for today and is a source of truth (John 16:13). Because of the work of Jesus on the cross, I'm headed back to Eden in a way...where they walked with God, heard Him speak what was true, and freely walked in who He said they were because of Him. They ruled from that place. Powerful and beautiful. Of course, it's all a process...but totally a possible one...and one I believe was meant to start today...NOT AFTER DEATH.

As such, I view the Bible, God's Word, as necessary but also as a springboard into more....a guide to greater encounter with the Trinity and one of the major tools for transformation and freedom. Paired with interpretation through the lens of who Jesus is (the Word who became flesh)...humility and surrender...and empowerment by the Holy's a powerful key to living out kingdom life today.

I do not live solely between the two covers of the Book though...and for someone who does, some of my thoughts are problematic. Wrong even.

I'm trying to be sensitive to that. My ideas about how to interpret Scripture and then how to use it for more would come off as an insult to their main mode and definition of relationship with God. How to challenge that and not seem heretical???? I'm guessing that's an impossibility. How to at least keep a door open for communication regarding the possibility of so much more in Christ??? I don't know. If there's judgment on either side, it won't happen. I absolutely love their value of Scripture, but I also have some concerns about the implications of a Book-only life.

I'm guessing it's not realistic...and maybe that needs to be ok. At least I can take away from them a call to delight in the Word.

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