Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Vball Season Begins

I'm a sub this year for our vball team. So far I have had to play both nights, and it's been really fun. I find it so hilarious, though, how my "rules" come out....expectations in a game.

1. This is war. The other team is the enemy. Stop making nice unless it is a strategy. Hahahaha! Oh dear. I'm working on this...sort of. ;)

2. We can't get stuck in our heads with negative self-talk. It's not remotely helpful in the battle!!! Shake it off. Move on. It's all good.

3. Teamwork is the ideal. I find I actually get a high. I'm serious!! Hahaha! I love when we can each use our strengths, have focus and control, and do beautiful set-ups. Oh baby....so lovely.

4. Be teachable. No one is exempt from improvement. Take the investment. It means you have potential for more.

5. Patience. They say it's a virtue...those jerks. ;) You can still be serious about winning and be patient with progress. I have to work on that...in regards to myself too.

6. Alcohol...definitely don't get too influenced. You'll play like an idiot...because you are one. Hahaha!

Oh boy...some to work on...some to maintain. Here's to a great season! :)

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