Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Would It Look Like?

"What would your city look like if the kingdom of God were superimposed over every realm of society? Can you imagine what would happen to the crime rate, the divorce rate, terminal diseases, hate, abortion, depression, poverty, hopelessness, molestation, rape, pornography, addictions, unemployment… if you and other dreamers began to envision the future of your city with God, and then impregnated the populace with that vision like Martin Luther King did in his day?" -Kris Vallotton from "How Heaven Invades Earth"

I saw this quote and wondered about some of the realms I am involved in. What would those areas look like if the kingdom of God was more fully released there? Envisioning a future!!! Birthing a vision!!!!! Oh, to become a dreamer on behalf of those realms!! Wow...what a beautiful calling we have.

Jesus spoke so much about what the kingdom of God looked like and that it was near. What a privilege to be released in His desire...flooding the world with compassion, hope, love, joy, goodness, provision, healing, community, stewardship, worth, creativity, inspiration...the Kingdom list goes on and on.

If you are a friend of God, this is your work! Have fun and DREAM BIG!!! :)

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