Wednesday, July 20, 2016


It's starting to REALLY bug me...the number of white people who don't think "white privilege" is real.

Oh. My. Word.

Have a bunch of nieces and nephews with a variety of beautiful skin colors...and go shopping or out in public with them...and watch THEM be viewed more closely than YOURSELF over and over and over again with no provocation...ya, maybe you'll think it's a little possible.

Listen to stories of decent, non-white people who've been mistreated as compared to decent white ones...maybe it becomes a bit more possible.

It's real.

It's certainly not the cause of every issue that arises...Lord knows there is serious drama out there...but it's present.

And, to just pass over it is so NOT HELPFUL.

Beyond the "white" world...I'll say that it seems more of an "elite privilege" to me than "white" sometimes. Stories of what money buys...or what money expects...beyond the color of one's skin.

Sigh...I wish people would step into each other's shoes more... Listening to understand...

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