Monday, July 11, 2011

Wonder Class: Session 3

Amazed: Living a Life Full of Wonder

C.S. Lewis said "It is in worship that the presence of God is communicated to man." So often we fall into a rut that says that worship happens on Sunday mornings in a church service or in our personal devotional times. Formulas=Worship. That is so not true! While worship is very much possible in those places, it is absolutely possible in the moments of our daily lives. It's in our very basic human wiring to experience him. So we reviewed a bit from Wonder Class: Session 1 and Wonder Class: Session 2 and then took off into a tour of the senses.

This week?...HEARING :)

First, a clip explaining how an ear hears. Personally, it's one of God's fingerprints. :)

We take hearing for granted...maybe we should pay attention a bit more!

OK...the in-class assignment!! I handed out blank pieces of paper with instructions to jot down any thoughts, feelings, pictures (real or imagined), etc. that are prompted by the various clips for listening. Often God is in those little things, giving us insights, encouragements or reminders. He loves the little things! The key to this assignment is to close your eyes. Often by limitting one sense, we heighten the other. We want to focus on our hearing, so we are closing our eyes to listen.

Just sit back, relax and listen. :)
The sound of crickets slowed way down. Pretty amazing! :)

A Lauging Baby

A Thunderstorm

Car engines (Hehe...I figured someone must like that one.)

Talk about a musical genius...this composer "wrote" his friend in song.

Having God's word read to you

We took time at the end to share any of the things that came up during the listening clips. We also shared our "favorite" sounds. It was amazing to notice how the other senses are activated in the descriptions (i.e. smelling sawdust when prompted by the "favorite" of a saw cutting wood).

At the end we completed our enjoyment (see previous sessions for explanation...per C.S. Lewis) by offering thanks to God.


Have a great week...and get listening!!! :)

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