Sunday, October 16, 2011


Interesting little thing... I was sitting in Growth Groups (Adult Sunday School at my church) today and was reminded of something God said to me when I was driving. (Always watch when He has you all to himself in the comfort of your own vehicle...HAHA!) It's so easy to take the pain we've experienced and use it as a launching pad for some pretty sad things in our lives. We can grab hold of bitterness and let it take root. Honestly, it's amazing how "comforting" that bitterness can be. It makes us feel like we are standing up for ourselves, protecting the cause...a whole host of "good" reasons. What He reminded me of was this..."Bitterness isn't accountability." Holding that grudge to make a statement in defense of self only feeds a that assaults the heart of the bearer.

There's a better way...

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