Monday, October 17, 2011

The Glitter-Sparkle God?

I just don't get it. It seems like a segment of the "warm-fuzzy" generation has permitted themselves a re-write of God's personality. He's the Glitter-Sparkle God now. You know...the one that only does what YOU want because YOUR will must look exactly like His! He never permits anything outside of what YOU want or would do...simply because you've decided so. He would never expect more than what's good for YOU.


While I believe that God is good and that His heart is good towards me, I won't ever decide that His reality is limited to mine. In fact, I won't apply my humanity to Him. I'm His reflection...not the other way around. He's beyond me. He calls me in His direction. His perspective is bigger. His ways are better. His plans include me but are beyond "just" me. And...His plans might not include enormous wealth, longevity, perfect health and the picket fence.

I get worried that we've hit the ditch sometimes...and wonder why we must have some of the beliefs we apparently need to have about God...and wonder what the consequences are for a journey in those directions.

As Brennan Manning says in 'Ruthless Trust'...God is BOTH immanent (so close, so relational) AND transcendent (so holy, so glorious, so beyond). As such, we know great love (the kind that says we are held close to His heart) and humility (the kind that says He leads, He sees, He knows...and we serve...come what may).

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