Thursday, October 13, 2011

Take Your Anxiety Med-"itation"

I don't know about you, but when I'm working with someone who is having a fear-driven moment, I completely understand. Those who know me well know that I was a seriously fearful child. Part of my "unveiling" has been a beautiful gift (and tough journey) out of that and into a place of hope. I definitely still battle it from time to time...but the point is this...I battle it. I'm less and less a captive to its power all the time.

But I know the inner terror.

The kind you can't shake.

And it gives me great empathy for someone who's in its grip. Anxiety Med...well, Meditation. ;)

Ok now, some people get a little too freaked out when the word "meditation" comes up. This is not a meditation that makes you "one" with a cotton ball or full of empty space or hot air and all that. This is a meditation that realigns a tormented heart/mind with the One that ultimately holds it in His hands. The slow repitition is calming while the words and visualization offer a proper reality for the moment. Brennan Manning, a sweet, old soul and author of many books, spoke about this type of meditation, and I've found it to be quite a powerful gift in my journey out of fear.

It's simply this.

"Abba (on the inhale), I belong to You (on the exhale)."

"Abba" is the word Jesus uses for Father-God. It literally means "Daddy". What a "near" picture of our good Father! It reminds me of the verse in Isaiah that says that God holds His lambs close to His heart. Oh, to hear His heartbeat! The awesome thing is that through Jesus' work on the cross and further explanation in Romans, He calls us to live as God's children once again and also call the Father "Abba". He's...Your...Daddy! ;)

"I belong to You." is a phrase that places us in proper position. While the storm rages, we can settle ourselves into His arms and remind ourselves that we are His. He's bigger. He's more powerful. We can give ourselves and our situations to Him. Simple but powerful words.

Sitting still (and if you want to fold your legs into a pretzel, have fun! I personally can't get back up from the floor...) and repeating "Abba, I belong to You!" over and over and over AND picturing myself in His arms while His breath blows the storm away...well, it brings me such peace. If even for the's so worth it.

So...I just felt like blogging about that today. Storms are a reality, but our minds can definitely get swept up into them more than is necessary. Our security and sense of self-worth can get too rocked by them. We become victims in the fear game...BUT we have so much more power than we know! That power is demonstrated simply in repositioning ourselves...right into God's care.

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