Thursday, October 13, 2011

Season of Thinking

So...I haven't been blogging much. I've been in "thought" mode. A germ infestation from the kiddos helps matters too. Yep, a "perk" of education. Taking advantage of the down-time, I've been mulling some things over, reading some helpful excerpts from favorite books, and spending time with God. It's been a good time.

One of the most interesting experiences has been a section in Brennan Manning's "Ruthless Trust". I so highly recommend this, by the way. I stumbled on a section that has beckoned to my heart to step up into something more. One awesome 20/20 that my summer of grief is becoming a stepping stone to more of the relationship-generated (with the "With-God") way of life and less of the, often comfortable but very limited, self-generated way of life. Real trust. I'll blog more about that some day, I'm sure, but for's just what's been rolling around in this heart...

Hope you are having a good day! And if not...I'll pray that you'll get a tiny glimpse of the love that surrounds you.

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