Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scientific Treatment

So...I'm actually balanced on this topic. Shocking, I know. Right. Smack. In the middle.

Medical Treatment. Traditional vs. Homeopathic/Alternative.

But that's also exactly my point...I feel I need to be balanced on this. God has given us incredible doctors and chemical scientists...amazing strategies, techniques and technologies for cures and rehabilitation. He has also given us an amazing creation loaded with substances that can aid in healing. Both are valuable and can serve each other. A blend of me-treatment and they-treatment.

But...I get nervous when people get wayyyyy too into the alternative stuff. Believing every fad or whim. Taking one person's word without scientific study. No controlled experimentation coupled with well-analyzed data. Procedures or substances that offer a "treats all that ills" guarantee or promise ends that aren't logical and/or humanly possible.

Seriously, why would a pill of crushed up black flies treat my bladder infection? (actually heard this remedy prescribed to a friend) If you can tell me that there's a chemical in those crispy mini-carcasses that increases the acidity or something so that the bacteria die, fine!...but show me the data. (Although, I'm thinking I'd try anything else before that. Eww.) Why does electrical shock therapy make viruses and bacteria disappear? Seriously, a particular frequency for a particular illness? I know our bodies are electrical machines, but is there scientific data on that? Please show me!

I worry because I have a couple of people in my life that I think are suffering MORE because of an inbalanced dedication to alternative medicine. I understand the desperation to find a treatment. I also understand the burden of expense. But...not all that glitters is gold. It can actually be fluff...or poison.

Balance. Balance. Balance.

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