Monday, December 12, 2011

Immigration Thinkings

It's not new news that I'm conservative-leaning when it comes to politics. A registered Repub actually...haha! Of course, I have some differing opinions than many of my "kind", and I know that's true within any group. Some differences, though, have me really thinking. Feeling a bit sad actually. I can't get past how some of the communication of opinion seems so absent of heart.

Lately, I've been thinking about illegal immigration.

No, I'm not saying we should fling the doors wide open. That's not appropriate. The slamming of all doors seems wrong too, though...and I wonder where the balance is. Americans have a ton of rights, but I don't think those should exclude the human right to compassion. Mercy and generosity have been American values too...but we forget that so quickly...

My sadness is that I hear some people talk about Mexicans (and other Central/South Americans) with such disdain...blaming them for all kinds of problems for which the average "real" American is equally responsible. The more I hear their particular "arguments", the more I hear things that seem almost prejudiced. (I wish some knew how they sounded.) I shudder at the fear-laced hatred for the expression of other traditions and cultures. It's not a far leap from the "woe" of the Mexican parade to the breeding of disrespect for people like my nephews and nieces who have beautiful brown skin and actually celebrate their varied cultural backgrounds. AND I CELEBRATE THEM TOO!

Some can argue wonderfully their particular anti-illegal stance with great respect and intelligence. Some...just absolutely can't.

I think I'm somewhere in the middle on the subject...but I'm no where near any position that resembles coldness...nope...not gonna happen.

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