Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Member of the Board

Yep...I've joined my first Board. :) It's for a newly formed non-profit organization that is seeking to house homeless upper teens and young adults in the East Central area. In addition to shelter, they'll offer life skill training and career guidance...oh, and food!! They are in their infancy organizationally (maybe pre-birth), but exciting things are on the horizon!!!

And here's where I appreciate my experiences with other Boards...I'm going to be a Board member that respects vision over other things. Not an owner of the mission...a servant. No appearance-orientation for this chica. No money-drive for decision-making. I'm going to be a lady that means what she dishonesty, no two-facing. I'm going to listen. And...I'm going to understand personally what the in's and out's are really like. Yep...that's the plan!!

Here's to "Brighter Future For Youth"!!! :)

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