Friday, August 31, 2012

A "Service" Non-Profit I've been doing a ton of thinking. Ya, what's new. ;) I'm quite the visionary mind, so ideas are constantly flying through my head. I'm used to most of them not sticking because I'm a bit of an ADD visionary, so I've learned to pay attention to the ideas that keep coming back. ;)

I think I've found one!!!

I've always had a conviction that humanity is wonderful, beautiful, magical and POWERFUL...that our world's problems aren't so much that people are "human" but that people often choose to live "less than human". I think Jesus' life...a life of being "fully human"...shows just how wonderful our humanity can be.

With that has come an internal nagging that most of us...if we were to take a serious inventory of our priorities...could really stand to invest, give, build, steward, create, serve, inspire, etc. MORE than we currently are. Certainly, the entitlement training of our culture could use a course-correction to an outward-focused way of life.

Following that belief has come a real heart for people working together regardless of religion, denomination, or political affiliation. Setting the arguments aside for a moment of betterment...sounds good to me!! And more than that...acknowledging and releasing the strengths in each other because collectively we accomplish more than we do as individuals. A complimentary team with a world of assets to share...

So...I met a couple last month that has chosen to serve their city more intentionally...adding this sense of community mission to their normal, everyday life. I was so inspired!!!! And, I officially want more!!

I'm tossing around some ideas of what this could look like. A service-oriented non-profit that alerts people to service opportunities of all shapes and sizes from other organizations and creates service opportunities consistent with the mission?? I think I like that! really has me dreaming... ;) Thoughts?

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” Mother Teresa

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