Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eyes on the...Buns

Yep...here's a strange one. ;)

A group of us went on a bike trip to an awesome park. Beautiful day, fun trails, great people. The only frustrating part was that the trails weren't well marked. We had maps, but the size of the park (and lack of marking) made it a unique challenge at times. I was cool with it until the last leg of the trip. Specifically, the moment I was separated from the pack.

At first, I was fine with it. I was bound to end up somewhere familiar, right?

After a while, though, I started to worry. Well, more like panic. If I took a wrong turn, I'd be heading an another loop of many miles without knowing.

Enter the hero.

Sure enough, I came around a corner finally and found Paul. He was looking at a map trying to figure out where he was and should be going.

SIGH OF RELIEF!!! I figured, at minimum, I wasn't going to be alone if I was lost in the woods. And if you know Paul, you know that he is a peaceful soul. I bet he could calm a stirred-up bees nest. ;)

So, Paul thought he knew where we should go (and he was right!!!), so we got back on our bikes and headed for the end.

Next challenge...biking the rest of the way.

Yep...after maybe 17 miles, I was exhausted!!! With 6+ miles to go, I was struggling. Then I was reminded...I wasn't alone, and Paul was leading. All I had to do was keep my eyes on his...well...back end...just focus and we'd be at the end in no time.

HAHA! Yep...Eyes on the buns. Of course, if you know Paul, you also know that I changed diapers on those buns decades ago. Supposedly, that makes things less creepy. ;) Whatever, though...we made it back!

Yep, there's a life application in that. Apparently, I'm keeping my eyes on the Hero's buns too. 'Where you lead me, I will follow." Strange, I know, but a good reminder for this girl. :)

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