Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Long Battle...FINISHED!!!

After TEN's official. I finally finished my master's thesis! It's been a crazy that totally caught me off-guard. Writing papers is not a difficult thing for me, but this project...because of so many other things...ended up being one of my hardest challenges. I started it right-smack at the beginning of a job change...a totally impossible work situation (but that's for another book. Hehe.). Add to that deaths of two grandparents and one Board member within months of each other. To say that I instantly burned out...understatement of a lifetime. I just couldn't do it. Time, emotional coping skills...I had none. The following year brought my Mom's cancer. Burned out and brokenhearted. After that, it just became easier to NOT do it. had to be God's provision...the college allowed me to give it another try after so much time. 

The writing process was so difficult because it actually brought up a lot of that old stuff. It became a journey of writing a paper, processing (and grieving) the past and shaking off some nasty habits of cowering in the face of challenge. There were times that it was so difficult to write that I had to actually make it into an act of worship. "I'll write this sentence for You, God.". And then another and another. 

When it finally came down to it, God helped me to see that it wasn't that the degree was was about being a good steward...being faithful to finish what He and I had started.  

After all this time...we did it. :)

Oh...and by the way...God whispered that my time of time of done. Time to fly. :)

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Ethio said...

AMEN!!!!!!!! And, a HUGE congratulations! I'm SO proud of you! (and God)! Go forth, good and faithful (and free) servant!!
Love you!